REVIEW: Noni Hazlehurst shines in emotional dramedy June Again

June Again starts as it means to continue by tugging at the heartstrings and refusing to let go.

Not even for a moment.

June (Hazelhurst) lives in an aged care facility and has dementia. In just a few minutes, the opening scenes show us how fractured June’s life and memory have become. It’s difficult to watch. 

One day, the real June is with us again. Her doctor is stunned at her suddenly reclaimed life but warns her, this will be fleeting. Soon, possibly within hours, her mind will once again become tormented by her dementia. 

For the once feisty June, that means there’s no time to lose as she makes her escape from aged care and sets about reclaiming her life.

Her first stop, and first big shock, is that her children, Ginny (Karvan) and Devon (Curry) have sold the family home. The second is that her children don’t speak and her beloved family business isn’t what it used to be.

With time most definitely not on her side, June has mere moments to put things to right in her own life and the lives of those around her.

Should I watch it?


June Again is a love story. The love between June and her children as they struggle to reconcile the woman they knew, the woman who lives in the aged care home and the woman who stands before them today.

And that woman is the old June. Very matter of fact. A bit pushy. And of course, someone they never thought they’d see again. 

However there’s more to June than meets the eye and in a series of flashbacks, we get to share the great love of June’s life. The flashbacks are fleeting but as they twist and weave their way around June’s fractured memories, they come to life in the most delightful and unexpected ways.

I found myself a little teary as June’s memory began to fail.

Even though we knew it would happen. The entire movie takes place over just a few days but, what a few days they are. 

If only every dementia sufferer got one more chance, even just a few days, what would they do with it?

Not only is this a lovely movie but you’re also supporting your local film industry so get out there, buy a movie ticket and support Aussie storytellers.

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4 stars 

Running Time:  99 minutes
Release Date:  In cinemas now
Cast: Noni Hazlehurst, Claudia Karvan, Stephen Curry, Nash Edgerton