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REVIEW: Jordan Peele brings the tension with US

Following on from the success of his disturbing 2017 satire Get Out writer/director Jordan Peele is back, ramping up the horror stakes for Us.

With Us, Peele has created one of the most original concepts seen in a horror flick for quite some time – a layered and at times allegorical experience filled with double meanings that have had audiences talking long after the credits rolled.

Without giving too much away, Us deals with notions of duality by way of protagonist Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o), who we meet as a young girl on a trip with her parents to an amusement park on the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

Inquisitive Adelaide wanders off into an empty house of horrors-type amusement where she comes face-to face with her exact doppleganger – traumatising the young girl right into adulthood.

Fast forward a few decades and Adelaide now has a family, but the scars of that fateful night remain. A trip back to her familial home bring it all coming back when Adelaide’s double – or ‘tethered’ as they are known shows up at her house, with exact replicas of Adelaide’s entire family.

But, this is no ordinary reunion as the tethered, clad in red jumpsuits and brandishing gold scissors are hell-bent on destroying their above-ground counterparts in the most gruesome ways possible.

Should I Watch It?

While Peele and cinematographer Mike Gioulakis offer up some truly visceral and relatively gory scenes, Us, much like Get Out is an exercise in building tension and a sense of overarching dread.

It is also quite a layered film that throws up some existential questions about duality and the nature of good and evil – who really are the bad guys here?

While at it’s heart Us is a truly tense horror flick that, that times recalls the likes of Stanley Kubrick, Brian Da Palma or a less obtuse David Lynch, Peele brings his funnybone to the fore, largely in the form of Adelaide’s husband Winston, who brings a modicum of levity to proceedings.

Strong performances from the entire cast, who all take on dual roles, especially Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke elevate Us even further.

While at times muddled, Us is an ambitious flick that is a must for all horror fans.

4 stars

Running time: 116 minutes

Release Date: In cinemas now

Who is in it: Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Tim Heidecker, Shahadi Wright Joseph, Evan Alex.

Written by Stephen Bisset