REVIEW: Ice Novo – How to soothe your soul for $20 on a Saturday in Newcastle

Question: How to soothe your soul for $20 on a Saturday in Newcastle?

Answer: Iced Novo.

So, you’ve mentally fought like an alley cat to survive July; Dry or not, July is the Monday of months.

Now to recover: Iced Novo at the Croation Club, a chance to celebrate Newcastle as a community and help a great cause.

$3.00 – Gold coin donation to the Awabakal women’s legal fighting fund to save the Butterfly Cave at West Wallsend.

$5.00 – Ice Cold Toohey’s New on tap at the Croatian Club (rename it what you want, it will forever be the Croation Club). Sit back and enjoy some live music. The Grounds were my highlight.

$2.00 –  Cruise the market stalls and have a chat with the families. Treat yourself to that Emperor Penguin badge you’ve been in the market for! Handmade by Lily or make your very own.

$5.00 – Donate to buy SIM cards for Asylum seekers to be able to contact their families while in detention.

$5.00 – The last $5 bucks is always the hardest. It’s the wild card. Aromatic Afghani kebabs or that vintage bamboo handle tropical themed hand bag? Or completely blow the budget and go crazy at the vintage pinnacle of Newcastle: Footlice Theatre Company is parting with 30 years of costumes! I will be lurking their Facebook page to see where they will be next.

I went with the tropical themed handbag, July is over, my soul has been soothed and there are warmer days ahead. Mission accomplished for $20. Thanks, Iced Novo.


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