REVIEW: Frenzal Rhomb tear up The Cambridge

Frenzal Rhomb inevitably and unabashedly tore up The Cambridge Hotel on Friday 18th September, once again validating their legendary status in the Australian punk scene… Not that anyone needed convincing.


In a cacophony of cheers, screams, “fuck yeahs!” and the token “Frennnn-zal” chant, the relentless punk rockers from Sydney casually strolled on stage to a hero’s welcoming. The entire Cambridge was buzzing; the powerful combination of the energy these guys exude, and the ironclad devotion of their loyal following, makes for one hell of an electric atmosphere.


Frenzal’s live shows are notorious for being loud, unapologetically abrasive, and wildly fun. With a back catalogue as huge as theirs, the entire set throws hit after hit in audiences’ face, and it took less than a few seconds for the heaving crowd to morph into one giant mosh.


The faster-paced, more chaotic classics like Punch In The Face, Never Had So Much Fun and We’re Going Out Tonight were definitely the favourites of the night, throwing the crowd into a frenzy of flailing limbs and thrashing heads. But, it was the 1999 anthem You Are Not My Friend that brought the audience to somewhat of a punk-style love-in, proving that even the gnarliest looking dudes in the mosh are not afraid to embrace their mates and reminisce about the good times.


The set is littered with hilarious banter between Jay and Lindsay, and you can really see the love these guys have for being on stage jamming together. Of course, special mention must be given to Newcastle’s own drum lord, Kye Smith, who took Gordy’s place behind the skins and smashed his way through the entire set.


The awesome thing about seeing a band like Frenzal at a venue like The Cambridge, is the unchanged nature of both. With The Cambridge looking probably exactly as it did the first time Frenzal played there, and the guys still so full of gusto, you could be forgiven for thinking you’d somehow teleported back to the late 90s…


With over two decades of killer songs and shows under their belts, Frenzal’s longevity becomes incredibly evident when you look around at the crowd. You’re in a room full of ages; from fresh 18 year olds, who quite possibly stumbled across their music after hearing Jay and The Doctor on Triple J, to the diehards who have been there since the very beginning – and are proudly sporting the ripped and faded Frenzal tour shirts to prove it.


Recent years have seen Frenzal Rhomb face some strange and unfortunate roadblocks, including everything from broken bones to brain parasites, but these guys show no sign of stopping or slowing down. Frenzal continue to surge on with vengeance, continually cementing their place as one of Australia’s most powerful punk rock icons.

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