REVIEW: Crawford Brothers

Brothers Zac (vocals/guitar) and Ben (vocals/piano) Crawford have teamed up with band mates Adam Harris (Drums) and Ben Lawrence (Bass) to record the band’s self titled E.P, Crawford Brothers.

Many would remember these boys from their win at the Australian final of the Global Battle Of The Bands competition and their subsequent appearance in the world final of the same competition held in Thailand. They took out 4th place in that grand final and have since developed a more commercial pop rock vibe. This vibe is the highlight of the EP.

I was a big fan of Crawford Brothers’ 2014 single, Feel. It had great guitar sounds and a pop sensibility that would see it right at home on NXFM’s Heath & Normie breakfast show. The track Feel perfectly opens the EP that was launched at the Cambridge Hotel at the start of the month.

The rest of the EP offers much of the same, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing at times it feels like you’re listening to one big song. Similar phrasing, piano and guitar sounds are served up with perfect pop vocals and singable choruses. This is commercial, and it ticks all the boxes.

Highlights for me include the kick drum sound on dancing with fire and the vocals on Feel and Red Dress, Fast Car. Chances are that if you like one song on this release you’re gonna like them all and I’ve found myself singing one or two of the choruses to myself mindlessly as I make my morning coffee. In fact I would totally recommend a spin of the EP during your morning commute. It’s a great way to greet the day ahead.

3.5 / 5 stars.


Written by Dan Beazley

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