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REVIEW: Ben Leece – 5 Sawyers

It usually takes a fair bit of convincing for me to leave the house. I’d say especially mid-week but even on the weekends I’m pretty partial to just staying in the little hub near my house, but… when Ben Leece is playing, you leave the house. I’ve been a fan of his for quite a while, and after finding out more about what’s behind the music he makes I wasn’t going to miss seeing him live.

Brock Henry kicked off the evening and proved to be a perfect stage partner for Ben, playing a string of solemn tracks filling the space with words and heartbreak. Now I’m a country music fan, I care for the songwriting and the approach that the genre demands of the craft and if you are as well, make sure you check out Brock’s work, you won’t be disappointed.

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Earlier in the year Ben released his debut EP Hank Vol. 1 with two beautifully heartbreaking alt country tracks that I’ve had on pretty constant rotation since their release into the world. Both ‘Trace’ and ‘Drinking Youth’ go beyond simple singer songwriting/semantics. It’s so much more about telling a story, and connecting with each and every audience member, allowing them to take what they need, if and when they need it. Ben is a really vulnerable yet stoic performer, something that’s so incredibly mesmerising to watch and experience.

For a mid week jam session, 5 Sawyers is delightfully intimate, and the perfect remedy for any music fan to hide away, and try and forget that there’s still one day of the week left. Keep an eye out over on their Facebook Page for the latest and greatest in midweek live and local music.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.