REVIEW: Amy Schumer brings the laughs in new Netflix special

She’s back bitches! And this time she is all growed up.

Since we last saw her on our screens in I Feel Pretty, Amy has gotten married and is pregnant with her first child. So I guess she is a calm, zen, grown up and no-longer-sweary delicate flower now. Right?

As if!

Why should I watch it?

Even though I adore Amy for being exactly who she is and never apologising, I have always had a love/hate relationship with her particular brand of comedy. I loved I Feel Pretty, hated Snatched. Love some of her earlier comedy stuff, not so much the more recent offerings. Back and forward, up and down. So when I sat down to watch her new hour long Netflix comedy special Growing, I wasn’t holding out much hope.

But how wrong I was.

Amy is heavily pregnant and, rather than being a serene goddess lounging on a bed of flowers as she croons to her unborn child, Amy is back on stage offering her hilarious insights on pregnancy, impending motherhood, marriage and being a woman living under the Trump regime.

She is funny…..very funny…. but she is also refreshingly honest and utterly endearing. Whole heartedly embracing her new body and her new life, she welcomes us in and, at moments, is rather poignant as she knows this very special moment in her life will soon be over as she moves from expecting her first child onto motherhood.

I am back in love with Amy and you will be too once you watch this comedy special

Where:  Netflix
Release Date:  
March 19

Episodes: 1


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