TEST YOUR APPETITE: Rascal’s Burger of The Week isn’t hard to come across

Those burger alchemists over at Rascal have really come through this time.

They’ve created a R.A.T that is not only easily accessible but only makes your eyes water for the right reasons!

The R.A.T, which Rascal says stands for Rapid Arterial Tightening, is two Wagyu Patties, Double Cheese, Bacon, Waffle Fries, Liquid Cheese, Smokey BBQ Sauce, Onions and Pickles.

It’s all brought together inside one of those delicious Rascal buns and should be approached with caution and maybe even eaten with someone who can do CPR.

As Rascal say, testing times call for serious comfort food.

If you’re keen to test your tastebuds with this absolute monster, head to Rascal at 1/266 King Street Newcastle, and The Corner Precinct, Charlestown Square