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QuizMasters are revolutionising Music Bingo around the Hunter!

Trivia legends, QuizMasters have been asking questions and handing out prizes in local venues since the early ’90s, and now they’re revolutionising how locals play Music Bingo.

After writing and producing weekly pub quizzes for decades, the team behind the questions started looking out how they could improve the Musical Bingo format that’s taken off over the last few years.

Described as the world’s easiest pub game, Music Bingo is a game of chance with the ultimate soundtrack. You head to the bar, grab a bingo card, cross off the songs as the host plays them and when you get two complete lines, you win prizes!

In a recent interview on The Good Stuff, Mell from QuizMasters told us that they take a unique approach to curating their Music Bingo playlist.

They take all the songs you know and love and mix them in with songs you need to hear or haven’t heard in ages. And they’re constantly updating and expanding their playlists to include new music and new genres to entertain new audiences around the Hunter.

You can find out where to play Music Bingo near you by heading to and check out what else Mel had to say in the interview below.