“Ahoy Gidgets and Kahunas!” That’s the greeting that fans of local surf punk inspired band PUNKFiSH saw yesterday when they logged onto Facebook. The post was to inform them of the band’s final gig this Saturday night at Cardiff’s Iron Horse Inn.

After a year of ripping up stages with their unique blend of crazy, mutant, surf-inspired live music Newcastle band, PUNKFiSH will go into indefinite hiatus.

Those invited to the event via Facebook were greeting with the following message;

“Yes it’s true: our FIN-al gig for the foreseeable future this Saturday at the Iron Horse Arena and Surf Shop, Cardiff. We’ll be taking our last gasp and sinking down to Davey Jones’ Locker for a little while we regroup and sort out the tangled tackle from the knotted nets. Please help us celebrate a stellar – some might say smellar – career that has spanned months or even year, breaking new ground and old waves”

PUNKFISH are not your average covers band. The boys in PUNKFISH believe that no song is too sacred, no tune too classic, no lyric too precious to escape the PUNKFiSH Treatment.

Join Chord Chaos, Groove Frenzy, Tempo Tantrum  and Riff Carnage for the band’s last gig at the Iron Horse Inn Cardiff this Saturday night (Nov 29). For more information visit the event’s Facebook page.