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Bring the local pub to your place this weekend

Heading to the pub for a few drinks and a schnitty is a quintessential part of life for many of us.

And since we’ve been plunged into this new lockdown, it’s a piece of life’s puzzle that lots of us have been really missing. But thanks to the work of some local venues, there are ways to recreate the pub experience in the covid safety of your own home.

Sure there’s no one to give you a sermon on the meaning of life while you wash your hands in the dunnies and you’ll have to pour the drinks yourself. But if you follow these steps you should be able to bring at least a little of the pub to your place this weekend.


First up, you need to get the drinks sorted.

BEERS: There’s nothing like a freshly poured beer from the icy cold tap at the pub. But very few of us have a magic box set up at home, so it’s hard to recreate. But never fear, a bunch of pubs around the city, like The Star Hotel in the city and The Northern Star Hotel in Hamilton, are now offering takeaway draught of your favourite beer.

Bottle it up, take it home, pour it into that schooner glass you once stole from your local and close your eyes. It’s almost as good as being there.

COCKTAILS: When you spend a few hours at the pub, there’s a point in the night when you decide it’s time to switch it up. You’ve had enough beer, but you’re not ready to end the night so you turn to a few cheeky cocktails.

Well, your local has that sorted out too. Places like The Kent are doing takeaway cocktails that will have you kicking on while you cut a few shapes in the lounge room.


You can’t do all that drinking of delicious draught beer and cocktails without a decent pub meal.

SCHNITTY: There’s nothing like the crunch of a golden schnitty washed down with a few beers. And Newcastle pubs are well known for taking the humble dish to the next level, so it’s great to see a bunch of them, like The Nags Head, are doing takeaway and delivery of the city’s favourite dish.

PUB FAVOURITES: If you’re after other pub favourites like burgers and steaks there are places like The Wickham Park Hotel that can sort you out with those cravings too.


Missing live music? We hear you!

Live music really completes the pub experience in our book. And while there really is nothing like being there, you can get your fix of live music from a stack of local artists who are doing regular live streams on Facebook and Instagram.

Our picks for this weekend are The Viper Creek Band and Kazzie who’ll both be live streaming sets that will have you singing along with (if you followed the steps above) a drink in hand and belly full of pub food.