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Propagandhi still bringing the vitriol after all these years

For the past 26 or so years, Canada’s Propagandhi have been at the forefront of forthright politically motivated punk rock.

From the visceral melodic bit of their incendiary 1993 album How To Clean Everything to the band’s more brutal recent offerings such as Supporting Caste and Failed States, the band have always held steadfast to their political ideals.

Their latest album Victory Lap, follows that same vitriolic trajectory, underpinned by an even beefier sound thanks to the addition of new guitarist Sulynn Hago.

Speaking to Newcastle Live, drummer Jord Samolesky said there was a sense of desperation on Victory Lap –particularly in the wake of a Donald Trump America.

“Everything seems to be going backwards in a way,” he said. “It’s quite depressing but it really did feel like a kick in the face when Trump was elected – if you look at something like climate change that definitely seems to be going backwards and ideas about scientific scrutiny seem to have been forgotten.”

Propagandhi cut a swathe through the 90s punk rock scene with their heart-on-sleeve political stance at a time when a lot of the pop punk bands were creating ‘bro anthems’ about partying and drinking beer.

Fast forward a few decades and the band are showing no signs of tempering their sound or outlook.

Jord added that it the band had endured for so long because it was essentially fun.

“We’re all having a blast still and we had a great time recording Victory Lap and having Sulynn there really added a new element of energy,” he said.

“But we’re all older now and while we can’t really play music at 1000 beats per minute, we still love getting out there and giving it a shot – even though we’re a little sorer afterwards, nowadays.”

Catch Propagandhi at the Cambridge Hotel on Sunday 19 May.

Written by Stephen Bisset