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PROCRASTI-NATION: Top tips on how to waste time

There’s this old saying that goes “if you leave things to the last minute, they only take a minute” and I personally have lived my life by this saying for as long as I can remember.

But why is this?

Why do we continually leave things to the last minute, and choose to procrastinate when if we started the task half an hour ago, we’d be done by now. If you’re so inclined, here are our top five ways to waste time.

Reading this article (or something like it)

Do you know how many people google ‘ways to distract me from my workday’ or ‘weird things to google’ or ‘top 100 facts that no one knows?’. Well that’s something you can google yourself. I’d hate to take away a prime time wasting opportunity away from you. And yes, reading an article about how to waste time does count.


Do I even need to elaborate on this one? Reddit was made for time wasters. It was also, in a way, made for makers and shakers. If you have an idea, a question, or better yet a burning question, why not jump on reddit and asks someone who at least pretends to know the answer.


There are so many binge worthy seasons on Netflix right now, it is the number one bae when it comes to wasting time. Better yet, why not watch a documentary, and then combine what you just ‘learned’ with a reddit thread. Zing


Nothing says rabbit hole like youtube. You watch one, then nek minute you’ve hit the suggested video so many times your brain feels like mashed potato. The task you were meant to start can wait until tomorrow. Obviously.


Is there a better way to procrastinate than by procrastibaking? Definitely not. Because by procrastibaking everyone wins. Those around you get delicious treats and you have just wasted a whole bunch of time. Think about it, researching the recipe, going to the store, cooking, cleaning, eating. Omg winning.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.