What is Pokemon Go all about? From a Novice Novocastrian

So by now, many of you have already opened up Pokemon Go, ranted seriously about some of the glitches in the app, at the same time as choosing a team, collecting some Pokemon and taking over a Gym or two. But even if you have, you might be just like us and have a few questions about “What does this do?” or “What are they talking about in that Newcastle Pokemon Go Players group?” So we asked our mate, Kian West from Newcastle Mirage to give us a few clues based on what he’s been able to scope out so far.


When you sign in to Pokemon Go (Note: You will need a Google account for this. Side Note: it turns out that the company behind the game was once owned by Google and thus there are a few connections like this and that they use Google Maps for the layout)So you sign-in and then get to build your character with simple selection like a male or female character, hair colour, hat, backpack, pants then you are launched into the Pokemon world and straight into catching your first character.

First warning: when I first jumped in I picked the first Pokemon I saw, but if you wait a moment there are a couple of options.


Catching a Pokemon is simple enough, a Pokeball appears at the bottom of the screen and you grab hold of this with a finger and fling it forwards. It may take you a few goes to get the hang of how hard it flies out, but ideally you want it to land onto the top of the character and capture them. Note: the green circle shrinking around the character denotes the ideal time to throw, you want to hit them as the ring gets to its smallest size before reseting to largest.

So you caught a few Pokemon around the streets. If you’ve seen a diamond type location and when you get close to it became a larger disc, click on it and spin the location disc to reveal some rewards like extra Pokeballs (Note: you can run out of Pokeballs – It tells you how many you have under items and you’ll want to collect a heap as early as possible). You may have also located some Gyms, but you can’t access them until you reach Level 5.


While you are busy catching Pokemon and rewards at Stops, you are also unlocking points and once you reach so many points you move on to a new level. Once you are at level 5 you can visit a gym and you will be asked to choose a team.

There is a lot of debate over teams, all I’ll say is there are 3 options:




I’d pick based on what your friends are in (its more fun with friends) or pick Red. You should probably pick red.


The other thing you should note is in the Pokemon option (Click Pokeball then it is on the left) you can transfer out Pokemon. This is useful if you collect a heap of the same creature, so if you transfer enough out you collect Candy specific to that Pokemon and once you have enough you can Evolve that Pokemon.

Lastly, in settings there is an option for Batter Saver mode. Clicking it means every time you turn your screen over or into your pocket the screen goes black and conserves energy. This is incredibly important because currently this app does not work in the background so if it isn’t open you are not counting KMs and thus not able to hatch eggs – oh yeah, if you collect eggs, swipe to the right in Pokemon screen and click on them to incubate. 2 different incubator options and currently I have no idea what the difference is other than that some of them have limited uses.


Get out there and have fun with it. Write in the comments what you have learnt and join the community group on Facebook and then come to some meet-ups!

About Kian West

When Kian isn’t chasing Pokemon or writing for Newcastle Live he runs his own zine Newcastle Mirage and manages the Social Media presence for shops, cafes, hairdressers and more.

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