PLASTIC FREE NEWCASTLE: Living a plastic-free life ain’t easy

What challenges have you faced, what’s been the best part or the hardest part?

Ok look, I failed this week. I really did. Ok maybe failing is a bit of a harsh word but I had a really bad plastic free July week. I wasn’t prepared, and I let life get away from me to such an extent that I just really need to hit the restart button this week and start again. But the thing is, with the whole plastic free July thing, and trying to live a more plastic-free life, is about acknowledging the bigger picture as well.

The thing is, so much of the world we live in, and the way we live our lives revolves around plastic. I bought a pie the other day thinking hey yeah awesome this is a great plastic-free alternative to all the other things I was going to buy but… single use sauce containers. I had drinks with a friend last week and asked for no straw annnnd it came back with two. I don’t live close to a whole foods store or a bakery and needed things like rice, and bread, and other food items that I literally could not find a plastic-free alternative to, after 6pm at night, or at least within logistical reach. But I needed bread, and I needed rice because I’m a student and am most definitely knee-deep in living that budget life.

There is also the other issue of ensuring that you have a plastic-free support crew around you – find the Facebook group if you haven’t already! For example, if I’m going to the shops and all I can see are people forgetting their bags or putting a single cucumber in one of those plastic produce bags, my heart is like Ralph Wiggum after his encounter on Valentine’s day. But… when the people closest to me are doing their little bit to really throw their support behind plastic free July, and me as an individual who is also really trying hard to do my best during plastic free July it makes things a lot easier.

I want to know how everyone is going with the whole plastic free July thing. What challenges have you faced, what’s been the best part or the hardest part? Are you like me and are just now noticing how much plastic you incorporate into your every day? Or, have you noticed some really positive changes in your little corner of the world and now have a loyalty card to scoop?

I know living a plastic-free life ain’t easy, but it’s about trying your best, being prepared, and being willing to live a little more consciously in your day today. The planet will thank you!

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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