Pineapple Fitness co-founders Shelley Lentfer and Brittany Smith
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FITNESS GOALS: It’s time to EXPRESS YOURSELF this International Women’s Day

For Brittany Smith and Shelley Lentfer achieving fitness goals is as much about having a supportive community around you as it is about doing the work.

And that’s the mantra behind their Carrington-based business, Pineapple Fitness – a women-only group training community.

“Pineapple Fitness is a women-only community for people to come together and really live your best life,” Brittany told Newcastle Live. “

“We believe that is through looking after your movement, your mindset, your nutrition and having a beautiful uplifting community around you.”

Pineapple Fitness caters to women of all ages offering a range of options including group training, mums and bubs, teen and semi-private training sessions.

Originally meeting while training with the local iteration of national fitness brand Buf Girls, Brittany and Shelley both decided they wanted to forge careers in the fitness industry and bought the business before rebranding to Pineapple Fitness two years ago.

FEMME FITNESS: “Pineapple Fitness is a women-only community for people to come together and really live your best life,”

“We have been Pineapple Fitness for two years,” Shelley explained.

But it’s something we’ve been for much longer and it’s actually been in Newcastle for eight years we were part of a national brand previous to this and we rebranded to Pineapple Fitness.”

While many gyms and fitness centres focus on a serious “do work” mentality, the vibe at Pineapple Fitness is much more centered around community building and fun – the latter evidenced by the name.

So where did they come up with the name Pineapple Fitness?

“Alcohol,” Brittany explained. “We were on a plane on our way to Queensland to buy my wedding dress and we’d had a few beers on the plane as you do and we couldn’t come up with a name.

We started talking about our favourite fruits and Pineapples were mentioned so we thought ‘Pineapple Fitness.’ We got to Queensland bought a pineapple and carried it around with us and just fell in love with the name.

“I mean who doesn’t love pineapples?”

To celebrate International Women’s Day next Sunday 8 March, Pineapple Fitness will be hosting a come-and-try day for women looking to dip their toes into the fitness waters.

The event, dubbed pineapple Express Yourself, organised in conjunction with HerCastle – a local platform that celebrates the achievements of women in the community will feature an express 45-minute workout, 45 minutes of stretch, yoga and mindfulness and a 30-minute wind-down chinwag complete with refreshments.

“We’re both super, super excited about this,” Shelley said.

“What we are really passionate about is absolutely our Pineapple community but the greater community in Newcastle – particularly women as well as showing what we think is a great way to look after yourself but make it really accessible for people to come and see what we’re all about.”

Pineapple Fitness is located at Unit 1/56 Forbes St, Carrington. The Pineapple Express Yourself event is on Sunday 8 March at Pineapple Fitness. Get your tickets here

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