The pig rocked it | Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt review

Peppa Pig is a deity in our house and our 2 year old daughter one of her disciples. Due to this devotion I braved the 1pm session of Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt at Cessnock Performing Arts Centre last Saturday. It was less painful then I had imagined. A lot less painful. In fact, I quite enjoyed myself.

We watch TV in our house. There I said it…. my kids watch TV, sue me. So along with half the population of the developed world, my kid likes Peppa Pig, and I think that’s cool. The show presents strong female role models, animations that are easily recreated with crayon for my daughters amusement and quite frankly I think I’ve got a bit of a crush on Miss Rabbit.

When I saw that the Peppa Pig show was rolling into town our house was buzzing and then life happened, and we found ourselves in a situation of not being able to make the dates at Newcastle’s Civic Theatre. So on a whim, early Saturday morning I rang the box office at Cessnock Performing Arts Centre, the next destination for the show. The lady said I got the last two tickets…Luck? We were about to find out.

The show was… Awesome. I really enjoyed it. I can’t really put my finger on one element that made it awesome, so I’ve put together a list. How ‘internet’ of me.

The Best Things About Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt

The puppets were cool.

A lot of people I spoke to said they thought their kids wouldn’t like it because it wasn’t the ‘real’ Peppa Pig. I had to shake my head at this. I mean surely if their kids wanted the ‘real’ Peppa, you could provide it by switching on the TV. The ‘real’ Peppa is an animation, a cartoon. That’s the ‘real’ Peppa and you were never going to get that from a stage show. You know, a live experience.

I thought the puppets and the puppeteers did an amazing job. The puppets themselves were simple (just like the animation) but puppeteers brought them to life. The voice acting was never going to sound like the ‘real’ thing, but each puppeteer was able to capture the essence of the characters extremely well.

George cried streams of tears over the front rows.

George is my daughter’s favourite character. Just like George she loves dinosaurs. So you can imagine the delight in the faces of all the George fans when the little puppet’s eyes spurted ‘tears’ all over the front row of the theatre.

Cessnock Performing Arts Centre is a great venue.

I must admit I was quite surprised how good the theatre was. Seating wise, we were right up the back, but it didn’t feel ‘far away’. I’m a big bloke and I found the seats comfy, there was plenty of leg room and everything was very modern.

The set and props were really cool.

All the stuff you’ve come to love from Peppa. The family car, the bus, the hill where Peppa’s house is located, all well recreated. Once again, everything was very simple, but the cast got the most out of it.

Black light puppets are rad!

There’s a whole black light section to the show. I thought my two year old would freak out with all the lights off but it was her favourite part. Because it was rad!

The kids loved it and it held their attention.

There were 2 acts of 30 minutes with a 15 – 20 minute interval. I was worried we wouldn’t make it to the end, and I don’t think I was alone in my fear. Whilst I saw a few toilet runs, nobody left with bored children who had taken to destroying the furniture for fun. I wouldn’t say it was a show full of audience interaction, but there was enough at the right times to be effective.

All in all the whole experience was a lot less painful than I had imagined. The show was effective, the cast skilled and Cessnock Performing Arts centre was an absolute pleasure to attend.

Written by Dan Beazley