PHOTOS: Ian Moss kicks arse at Newcastle City Hall

We were there to capture all the magic thanks to Swamp House Photography

Ian Moss is on the road playing tracks from his new self-titled album, his first in many years. He stopped into Newcastle for a gig at City Hall and our mates a Swamphouse Photography was there to capture the whole things for us.

Ian’s set, covering both his classic works and new material, was like the Australian Icon had just invited us all around for a jam.

Ian sat in the middle of the stage in simple lighting surrounded by his equipment and began to tell stories and play. It’s like watching a master craftsman at work. Every time he his the strings on his guitar he means it, it’s precise and full of raw energy, even in it’s most dynamic moments. And he’s working for it too, every bit of his physique is involved and you get the sense he’s really sharing something with you.

The room too adds an extra element to the night’s performance. It feels important and like we’re appreciating art in all its depths. It’s magic and by the time it ends, we know that we’ve experienced something special.

Check out photos from the gig below, thanks to our mates at Swamp House Photography.

Written by Newcastle Live

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