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PEDAL POWER: Summer sunshine? Time to jump on yer bike!

The global climate strike really got me thinking about the little ways we can all make a big difference.

Turning lights off, saving water, using our keep cups and reusable water bottles, but what about transport? Sometimes walking doesn’t cut it, and we all know that public transport can be a little… well… Newcastle but… see that bike in the back of your garage?

Or maybe the new shiny aqua green one in the window of that hip bike shop near Bank Corner? Whatever freedom machine you have your eye on, here are five great places to take your new (or old) wheels for a spin.

The Foreshore

Nothing says summer like riding by the water with your wind in your hair like you just don’t care. The bonus, of course, is, a) there are many watering holes along the way – special shoutout to MoneyPenny, and b) the road is flat. F-L-A-T. No one has time to get sweaty, right?

What a perfect way to start your weekend. Beach to bar… duh.

The Fernleigh Track

Looking to get out of town for a little while? Why not head to the Fernleigh Track to really take those two wheels for a spin?

Some serious riders frequent this part of the hood so competition is fierce but in a good way. It’s healthy, competitive, fierce, all in the name of fun though. 

Chasing beaches

Wherever you start, Newcastle is home to some pretty amazing coastline. Why not start at Nobbys and end at Merewether?

Ok yes, that’s one hell of a ride, especially if your beach cruiser doesn’t have gears (rookie error) but it’s well worth the delicious hot chips and swim at the end. 

Bar Beach to Darby Street

Less of a ride and more of a stone’s throw, why not hop in the saddle after a paddle and enjoy the best that Newcastle has to offer.

As a bonus, there are plenty of places to lock and leave your bike, security is tight and your wheels mean everything to you.


Ambiguous, yes, but why not challenge yourself to switch out the four wheels for two indefinitely? Depending on where you work, of course,

You’re getting exercise, fresh air, and you’ll arrive at work fresh-faced and energised, ready to tackle the day. And biking is hip again ya know?

Even the kids are doing it. 

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.