How To Pay It Forward In Newcastle

Kate Tempest said; “the world is getting stranger every day, you’re not strange for noticing”. Honestly I think I wake up every single morning and relate to this particular statement more and more. But instead of getting bogged down in the mundane monotony of awful, or being shocked by the state of the world, I thought I would track down and attempt to pen something beautiful to flood your news feed with, a nice change of pace. I’ve been noticing a rise in the amount of organisations who are all about paying it forward. Those who give, and get back. A select handful of wonderful locals who are slowly yet surely making the world a better place. So here are some of the best ways to pay it forward in Newcastle.

Secret Book Stuff

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Hi I’m Laura and I’m a self confessed bibliophile. I’ll admit it. But honestly I have nothing on ultimate cool person doing cool things Amy Lovat, especially with her latest project Secret Book Stuff. Sparked after the minimalist debate and finding her walls stacked (far too) high with the pages of the greats, she decided to do a little something about it. Where most would have decided to abandon a pile of books in the back corner of some forgotten garage sale, Amy thought better, and Secret Book Stuff was born. Secret Book Stuff is a kindness project centred around spreading a love of literature and words to the masses. With a click of a button and a mumble of “mischief managed” you can donate a tiny portion of your hard earned cash to brighten the day of a loved one (or a stranger). Because “the worst thing that can happen to words is that they go unsaid” or in this case, unread. For those who know her, you get it. For those who don’t… FYI, Amy will make you fall in love with words, and remind you just how nice it is, to get lost amongst the pages of an incredible book.

The Grateful

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Flowers. Are. Amazing. I just love they way they can instantly brighten your day and remind you of just how wonderful life and nature really is. It’s about the simplistic and often untouched beauty of the world that really matters. For Jess and Gem, this kind of beauty and wonder should be accessible to the masses, especially those who need it most. By signing up to the Grateful, not only does your business receive a mighty fine injection of colour to your cubicle dominated life, it includes a donated bouquet of flowers that are delivered to the John Hunter Hospital on your behalf. Never ever underestimate the healing power of kindness. The Grateful project allows you to do something nice for yourself, and do something even better, for someone else. Now isn’t that a pretty picture?


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So a little while ago I heard a fact that blew my mind and literally changed the way I view the world. Did you know, that an octopus has three hearts? Ok so that wasn’t the life changing fact (still amazing though) but… did you also know that the ocean is less explored than space? The thing that literally surrounds us, we honestly know nothing about. Did you also know that sharks are also the most misunderstood and complex creatures that call that same ocean home? That and they kind of need our help. This is where the wonderful people especially super woman at the helm Hollie, come into play. Elasmo are a clothing brand, set to understand, educate, and protect not only the ocean, but all of the wonderful creatures that call it home. So if you’re after some sweet new threads? Cool. Let the cool kids at Elasmo hook you up and know you’re all about making the world a better place.

Good Brother Coffee

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Ok so I know that Good Brother aren’t the only coffee place that do this, but they are the first that I could think of, from the top of my head, so if anyone knows any others please feel free to let me know. At Good Brother you can pre-purchase coffee for someone who needs it most. And I’m not talking about the people who may or may not have forgotten their wallet that day, I’m talking about purchasing a coffee for someone who really needs it the most. Especially as the weather is still a little chilly, this small act of kindness can really make someone’s day, and actually make their whole life that little bit brighter. Be good to your brother (and everyone else).

Urban Hum

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Here’s another one for the environmentally conscious (aka everyone). I’m not sure if you realise, or if you’ve seen that epic Black Mirror episode, but bees are actually essential to life on earth. Without bees, there is no Game of Thrones (got your attention now?), no people, no civilisation and the world as we know it ends. Bleak? Sure, but also true. Thankfully, you can actually do your bit to help (yay). The good folks at Urban Hum, can hook you up with your very own beehive, which also means your very own honey. It’s a win for everyone. The bees, humanity, and everyone in between.

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Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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