Image by Dan Burton.

WITCHCRAFT & WIZARDRY: Outdoor adventure game hits Newcastle

Got what it takes to solve a mystery? Well, CluedUpp events are bringing their magical murder-mystery outdoor adventure game to Newcastle these school holidays!

The Witchcraft & Wizardry game promises to take participants on a “mysterious and magical journey” across the city working in teams to crack the clues, solve the puzzles and save the realm. Children under 16 are welcome to play but will need help from older witches and wizards as the game is not designed to be played or solved by children on their own.

Covid-19 safety measures will also be in place for the outdoor event with the number of tickets strictly limited and multiple locations to begin from and staggered starting times given to teams.

Check out all the info below on how to play and get your hands on a ticket for your team.


Tickets for the adventure are now on sale. One ticket covers a team of up to 6 players who will set out on an adventure across the city over 3 hours between 9am and 2pm.

Teams will use the CluedUpp events app to unlock evidence that is hidden all over Newcastle to crack clues and solve puzzles. Teams are encouraged to dress up as witches and wizards, but less adventurous players are welcome to play without costumes too.


Tickets for the 18 July 2020 event are strictly limited and cover a team of up to 6 players and buying 2 team tickets and get 10% off your total booking.