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Oscar’s Dad says Don’t Put It Off on whimsical new track

After extolling the virtues of mangoes and paper planes, Newcastle’s Oscar’s Dad is back with a brilliant new song aimed squarely at getting the little ones to stop procrastinating.

Called Don’t Put It Off, the track is aimed squarely at kids, we reckon that there are a few ‘big kids’ who could benefit from listening to what Oscar’s Dad has. to say.

How’s this for some sage advice:

Imagine if today instead of cleaning your room/You Just sit there on your bum and watch 1000 cartoons/And then tomorrow comes along and you’re invited to the zoo/ But you just have to tell them no ’cause you’ve got all your jobs to do.

Check out Don’t Put It Off below

Wise words, indeed!

The equally whimsical clip was created by Newcastle-based illustrator Reid McManus and features everything from quirky aliens to singing mountains.

Oscar’s Dad is the latest musical project from Newcastle sonic and visual multi-talent Erling Gronhaug, who you may know from Main Guy And The Other Guys and Mousemoon.

And we just can’t get enough!

Oscar’s Dad’s last track Mango really struck a chord with us big kids in the Newcastle Live office with that tune making it on our list of the best Newcastle songs of 2019.

“This ukulele-soaked pean to everyone’s favourite ‘fruity meat’ is an absolute earworm and the accompanying clip is just…well, adorable,” we said at the time.