Online platform for vapers launched as new laws kick in

From next month, Australians who use vaping products containing nicotine will no longer be able to legally purchase, or import, them without a prescription.

But, a new Australian owned and operated business, has been launched with the aim to give adults access to access TGA-compliant nicotine vape products.

The company says their service will offer a complete end-to-end health service including online medical practitioners who can advise buyers whether vaping is right for them and provide prescriptions for the most appropriate vaping products.

Chris Henville, CEO of Prescription Vape, says that while he supports the new laws, he believes that vaping can be a powerful tool to help people quit smoking and that people should be able to access vaping products legally under the new laws.

“We support these new laws as a way of removing non-compliant product from the market and out of the hands of our youth. We recognise there is a place for vaping in some people’s lives and they need to be supported by platforms like ours so they can obtain TGA compliant products and the necessary supporting information,” Chris Henville said.

Prescription Vape also says they are conducting Australia’s largest observational study into vaping.

Their study will research how effective vaping nicotine products are in helping adult consumers on their smoking cessation journey.