On the road again – the summer wedding edition!

When I received my invite to this Sunday’s Wedding Open Day at the WhiteBarn in lovely Pokolbin, I was delighted. Not to mention, as it will take me about an hour to drive there, and I’m a grounded traveller looking for any excuse to travel, I was excited to have a reason to get out of town for the day.

I envision my day will be spent wandering around sipping champagne, samplingwedding cake and other delicious foods, looking at gorgeous flower arrangementsand other pretty wedding things.

But mostly I’m chuckling away thinking about how I’ll need to avoid eye contact with nervous vendors who will, more than likely, be hoping I’m not actually a bridebecause …… like WTF!

For clarity, I’m a middle-aged writer who is much better suited to a life sequesteredaway in my office, behind my keyboard and away from actual people. I have adistinctly pasty, indoor visage and presence.

Okay, okay, I promise not to torment the vendors. Too much.

First comes love

The Hunter Valley is stunning this time of year and with the La Nina weather in fullswing, it’s not blisteringly hot during the day.

Yes. A jaunt into the valley will be good for my soul.

Naturally, as soon as I flipped open my personally monogrammed invite that wasdelivered by a flock of cooing white doves, I headed straight to the White Barnwebsite for a virtual look around.

And for a moment, a fleeting moment, I wished I was a bride-to-be.


My marriage train crashed into a big ole mountain a looong time ago. And my ex-husband is now someone else’s problem. (I hope there’ll be wine at this event so Ican cheers to that!)

But there’s something wonderful about watching brides and grooms-to-be wandering around, deciding how they want to spend their special day.

And perhaps someday one of my sons will want to marry. Or to somehow celebrateor formalise their love with a special gathering.

Wow! I got all sentimental for a minute there.

I’m so sorry. I know you all expect more from me. Mea culpa.

Okay so it is all about the me!

As the mother of two sons, I’m itching for a daughter in law. Someone to help evenout the female to male ratio in our little family. Someone to brunch with because Ilove a good brunch. But most of all, someone to love my son and who makes himhappy.

Okay and some grandbabies. Everyone around me knows I’m beyond impatient forgrandchildren. 

Now, I’m not suggesting a wedding should come before babies (don’t come at me!). That’s a decision for couples to make on their own. But weddings do make me a little broody for grandbabies.

Okay sorry…..there I go again. Snap out of it, Sue-Ellen!

The Hunter wedding industry is struggling

As we were chatting about the Open Day, my friend (and copywriting client) Mel from MelRose Cakes suggested I might like to write a piece about the day. But I’m not abride. Or a groom. I’m not helping to plan a wedding. I’m not a wedding writer.

Whatever would I write about?

Soon we started talking about how tough 2020 has been for both our businesses and that’s when I knew.

All silliness aside, writing about the White Barn Open Day, a day that will host manysmall local businesses will be my way to help support my own community.

People across the Hunter had to postpone their weddings in 2020 due to COVID.This impacted not only the supposed-to-be newlyweds, it decimated businesses inand around the wedding industry.

But fingers crossed this year will be different.

And in the hope that weddings will go ahead as planned in 2021, White Barn will bethrowing open its doors and inviting the cream de la creme of the local weddingindustry to showcase their wares.

And I’ll be there cheering them on. Tasting all the cakes. Sampling all the foods andwines (sensibly of course). Smelling all the flowers and ohing and ahhing over all thewedding things

We’d love for you to join us. (I’ll be the awkward-looking person wandering around, so feel free to come and say hi if you spot me).

The White Barn Wedding Open Day is on Sunday 17 January. Head here for more information. Bookings are essential.