Brixton the English bulldog enjoying the Speers Point off-leash dog exercise area
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New off-leash dog exercise areas proposed for Lake Mac

Lake Macquarie City Council will today launch its second round of community consultation, aimed at gauging the community’s response to proposed changes to existing dog off-leash and new potential sites.

Up to ten new off-leash dog exercise areas are on the table, including facilities at the northern end of Catherine Hill Bay Beach, Myuna Bay Foreshore Reserve, Pinny Beach and Pasterfield Reserve at Cameron Park.

Alterations to 21 off-leash areas across Lake Mac are also up for discussion.

“We had over 800 responses to our first round of consultation, which really shows the passion and interest regarding dogs in open spaces in Lake Mac,” Section Manager Community Assets Brendan Callander said.

“That hasn’t just come from dog owners. It’s also people using these various areas who might interact with dogs. Sometimes that’s a positive interaction, other times perhaps not so much, and we need to take all of that into account.”

Lake Macquarie Mayor Kay Fraser said the city was home to more than 92,000 registered dogs – one of the highest ownership rates in NSW.

“Lake Mac loves dogs, but with our growing population, smaller living spaces and finite open space, we need to have the right plans in place to keep them happy and healthy,” she said.

“We’ve also got to balance those needs with what the wider community needs, expects and desires.”

Council currently provides 30 dog facilities across Lake Mac, from fenced, formalised dog parks to shared off-leash areas on a number of beaches, suburban and lake foreshore reserves.

Drop-in sessions will be held across the city as part of the latest round of consultation. Go to for more information and to provide feedback before 22 August.