A note to the morons of Newcastle

This week Newcastle’s media has been full of stories about alcohol-fuelled violence in or near local venues.

At several suburban hotels over the weekend, violent situations have left people injured and, in the worst case, in a coma in hospital.

What possesses people to behave this way?

Is it just brawn over brain? If a person doesn’t have the intellectual capability to articulate their argument, to clearly and convincingly verbalise their point of view then they only have one alternative – to use their fists, feet or other body parts to inflict harm?

If this is true, it’s a sad indictment on humanity that, after millions of years of evolution, the most ‘advanced’ being on this planet has to resort to harming others because of a disagreement.

What’s really sad is that the most harmful effect of violence, notwithstanding people who suffer life-long or life-ending injuries, is that we all will suffer because of these cretins.

For example, there are many Novocastrians who tell stories of going out in Newcastle in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, wandering around the streets in the wee hours and being safe. Apparently there was violence but it was more rare and nowhere near as spiteful. Punches may have been thrown but that was the end of it. Was there ever a situation that a guy was knocked to the ground and then his head kicked or stomped on so that, if he lives, he bears the scars of this savagery for the rest of his life?

Since then, Newcastle’s once bustling night-time economy has become a mono-culture ghost town. Many people fear going out at night in the city. Pubs have closed. The live music industry has been decimated. Consumers have much less choice.

Due to the inability of these moronic cowards to control themselves, the government and police felt it necessary to impose controls – on all of us! Lockouts, restricted trading hours, no shots after 10pm, no glass!

So, the way I see it, these fuckwits and their barbaric mentality have forced all of us – not just them or me or you – ALL of us to have our freedom restricted. Just because a dickhead wants to punch somebody!

So, if I want to go to a venue at 2am, I can’t. If I want to have some shots at midnight to celebrate an important occasion, I can’t. If I prefer to drink out of glass rather than putrid plastic, I can’t. How ridiculous is that? All caused by people who think that violence is a solution. It isn’t – nor is it the problem. The cretins who make the decision to be violent are the problem.

The worst part of it is that we are all affected by their lack of intelligence. Not only are they dumb, they are incredibly selfish, putting their short-term desire to ‘smash someone’s head in’ ahead of everything else, including their own freedom. How dumb is that?

So, next time you see some of these cretins shaping up to one another, realise that you aren’t watching a fight, you are witnessing them erode our freedom.

What’s the answer?


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  1. This is an evil that has been allowed to fester within the community for far too long.
    The only solution is for the community to take responsibility and help bring these morons to justice.
    Everybody owns a mobile phone so at the least you could record the incident and turn it in as evidence to the cops.
    It’s that or the Government will continue to take from us.

  2. Funny how there is a a lot of punch ups and very few cops walking the beat. I moved to melbourne a few years back, and you’d struggle to walk around the city late at late without seeing a number of boys and girls in blue keeping an eye on things. I think idiots exist everywhere, but in Newcastle they’ve flourished due to the fact that no one has the gumption to sign a few overtime rosters off.

  3. In Northern Italy, if you injure someone in a bar fight you have to pay that person compensation for the duration of that injury. If a person claims to have a saw jaw for the rest of their days then you pay compensation for the rest of their days. Needless to say, no intimidation and a whole lotta fun. Not to mention it is illegal to refuse someone service or kick them out. This is to avoid someone getting tanked then going home and beating on their partner. The bar keep can keep an eye on a person and generally the community polices it self. Keep yourself cool!

  4. They’re just bullies trying to show just how tough they are, look I’m no saint, I’ve had a couple of fights in town, but it was purely self defence. I’m a big guy 6’2 and 125kgs, but I’ve never gone looking for a fight. I’m happy to just walk away, but these days you can’t due to the fear that you’ll cop a coward punch to the back of the head, possibly fall and hit your head. God knows what damage can be caused from that. It’s so much easier to steer clear of the roid ragers, dickheads and wanna be heros, by either finding a quiet put with a good band or call up your mates and have a BBQ at home. It’s sad to say, but it’s the safest option. I grew up in the days of Surf City, The Mercury, The Castle and all those places, it was party till they closed the doors, or you could move to the next club without fear of being locked out. So a big cheers to the wankers who screwed this up for the rest of us!!!

  5. Not sure what the answer is and I’m not sure you can completely blame alcohol … It was there in the 70, 80 and 90 … There are more people using social drugs that are chemical inhanced that combined with alcohol only adds to the problem.. Back in the 80’s there were always fights but it was always one on one.. And then they would have a beer together.. Now they seem to move in packs on the prowl just looking for trouble.

  6. I agree with the comments re: Policing – like someone said, walk around Melbourne, catch a train, tram, whatever, and you’re more than likely to see 2-3 coppers just strolling around; Newcastle, they will only go out in ‘packs’ of 4-6 (halving the area they can cover), if they bother to go out at all!

    We also have TERRIBLE public transport these days, if you miss the Bus or Train, you’re stuck walking around, getting bored, sobering up and looking for trouble for a few hours.

    Then there is the ‘late start’ culture, which I have never seen anywhere else – Melbourne, Europe, etc. People sit around at home or at mates places and ‘pre-drink’ til 10pm-ish, and only then go out once they’re well smashed! Melbourne for example, things start to kick off around 7-8pm; Germany is much the same (although it was winter and snowing, hahaha). Even my regular trips to Sydney to see bands play – people are out by 8-ish, showings wrapping up about 12:00-12:30am, so people can jump some public transport home!

    And of course now there is the ‘fight culture’… Once upon a time, a fight was two blokes who had an argument and each had fair warning; once you were on the ground it was very poor form to keep going, let alone glassing someone without warning or ‘sneaking up’ behind them and smashing them. Utterly pathetic.

    I miss the old Newcastle – wandering between the Star, the Hunter, the Lucky, to catch live music.

  7. The answer is 100x more police presence, stop the useless RBT and speed traps and actually police the streets, cut crime, enforce RSA and get rid of the laws which encourage violence on the streets and outside, if you are intoxicated the club has a duty of care for you when you leave or get kicked out, call them a taxi or the cops and make sure they get home and not into a fight down the road.

  8. What an excellent article reminding everyone of what they already knew to be the case and not addressing or attempting to discover a solution at all.

    This is nothing more than a filler puff piece to whine about how out liberties are restricted without properly investigating the causes of violence.

    Great job…

    • Transport is a huge one. So many taxi line fights. No way home once you’ve drunk all your money so just walk around causing trouble till the next train.
      Bad drugs and more frequent use is another, most of the stuff going around these days is just money makers with no worry for what kinda “high” or low it may bring. They say they are MDMA or speed but can be ice or well anything really.
      And the lack of police, they should be walking/driving those streets a lot more on busy nights

  9. I blame steroids mostly.
    Also, throwing everyone out onto the street at the same with the new lock out laws only provokes a bad situation. It can take up to 2 hours sometimes to get a ride out of the city at night, public transport, over-priced taxi’s or whatever.

  10. Wouldn’t it be nice if taxis were more affordable! Mini cabs are all the go in the uk and help you get home safely and without bending you over. Would get people off the street and help calm the frustration when it’s home time?

  11. I remember back in the 90’s when I first started going out to clubs they where open till 5 and sometimes 7 in the morning.. I went away for 10 years or so & come out n find its a lock out and I had to ask my friends about the new laws as we sat at oasis grabbing a pita.. No sooner had she explained it to me a brawl all in brawl broke out in the middle of the road.. I could not believe what I was witnessing right in front of me.. When I first started clubbing sure there fights but it was a one on one fight who ever lost walked off n the other the other way or if unlucky got arrested at the least. But the last stop of the night was always always the good old empire even as dirty an stinky it was you knew you could get in there no matter the time have a few beers and there was a courtesy bus that dropped you off…. Just amazes me how times have changed and the new generation can not even see what they are doing to the next generation that will be wanting to go clubbing only to find that the lock will be 9pm and shut at 12… Some people are just selfish stupid and pathetic… I’m glad I had the time I had compared to the idiocy happening now its just crazy……

    P.S. Im not saying that I was perfect angel going out either…

  12. I came to Newcastle and I am shocked at the amount of scum that lives here! Like they just got off the convict boat!! Toothless, dirty, smelly, with major drug/alcohol problems! Just completely covered in poverty and crime!
    Then there’s the footy fuckwits! With a combination of the above then thrown rugby league into the mix you get these clowns!
    And no to mention how the speak lol! “Me shoes” instead of “my shoes”, these bogans can’t even take command of the English language!!
    So sadly all this scum of Newcastle and surrounding areas hand down the bogan life style to their offspring and so on and so on!
    So centre link and cash converters keep these fools with money in their pockets, drugs in their systems, grog in their stomach and fuel in their holdens!
    These fools will forever be subject to this way of life! Unless there is 1 out of 1000 that actually breaks free and moves away, goes to school and or uni and makes something from ones life!
    Newcastle is the land that time forgot!

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