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LOCKDOWN LEARNING: Lake Mac student releases debut single

While other students were learning math over zoom, 15-year-old singer-songwriter Nikisha Priest was finessing her first single Where We Were as part of the Big Picture program at Morisset High School.

The Year 10 student has been working with a local producer and session musicians to record the first single she hopes will resonate with everyone impacted by the lockdown.

“I think this song is really relatable – we can all connect with it in some way. When I was writing this song, I was thinking about how we are missing the things that we know, the places and the people that we love,” Nikisha said.

“Everyone wants to go back to the way we were before COVID, and we are feeling a little lost and uncertain about the future.

“Music is a great way to work through feelings, and I hope that my single helps people feel a sense of connection that even though we can’t all be together, we are all really looking forward to being together again soon.”

Nikisha wrote and co-produced her debut single while learning about the craft of recording and production as part of the Big Picture program.

Where We Were was under the mentorship of renowned Country music producer, Simon Johnson, and with the support of session musicians, former Dragon drummer Pete Drummond, and Country artist Liam Kennedy-Clark on keys.

“Even the recording was impacted by COVID, with Pete recording the drums over Zoom and the other musicians not being able to come to the studio because of lockdowns in the different states we had to find other ways to work together,” Nikisha said.

Nikisha dropped into Newcastle Live Radio to chat with Dan on Ausmusic Afternoons about the single, which you can check out on Spotify.

Listen back to the chat below.


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