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T’was the night before a very Newcastle Christmas – 2023 Edition

T’was the Night Before Christmas and all ‘round the region, fridges were stacked to the brim for the season.

But from the empty main room at The Cambridge Hotel, nothing was stirring, not even the smell.

Santa was sad that the place had closed down – his favourite to visit when he came to town. 

It was the loss of an icon that made him feel hurt, but he’d still have the chance to catch up with Bert. 

The new band room at King Street had been a big hit, and it would be here that Santa and the legendary soundman would sit. 

Over big bowls of curry the pair compared notes. What a sight to behold – a couple of G.O.A.Ts. 

Things had really changed since he first came to town, when venues like The Palais and the Jolly Roger were around. 

But unlike his peers, Santa loved the new stuff too. He dug the all bands and the crowds that they drew.

He’d been incognito at West Best and all. He’d even jammed with SF Wrens before Carrington Crawl.

And from the North Pole, he would watch them all thrive, keeping up to date on the scene through Newcastle Live!