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NICE THINGS: We best make the most of them before they are gone forever

I saw an article recently about the demise of the Reserve Wine Bar. It really got me thinking about what is really at play here when we are talking about businesses closing.

I personally think a vast majority of Novocastrians have a lot to answer for when it comes to our favourite businesses shutting up shop. 

As a collective, we have talked openly about wanting a brighter, more active, and more engaging CBD yet some of us are the first to complain about the noise – be it live music, cars or, I don’t know, general noise that you might experience in the middle of a city.

Why are we continually fighting against ourselves, and wanting to have our cake and eat it, too?

We’ve asked for accessible community spaces, full of local enterprises, great businesses and people that make Newcastle great.

But there’s nowhere to park.

That’s not our fault by any means, and we’re of course only too happy to point fingers at those who actually are at fault. I do feel sorry for those people however because they obviously failed maths at school or are just really confused at how to count to 1 million. 

We bang on about supporting local, and shopping local, but complain when local businesses can’t match the prices of the giant discount stores, and of course, we go and shop at the discount stores and inside shopping malls.

We hammer into businesses for ‘selling out’ and moving to such shopping malls, but perhaps we should have provided them with walk-by traffic in the first instance. 

So I guess, to use the Reserve Bar as an example, we failed the Reserve Bar. It was a great venue, and an incredible use for such a beautiful building.

Good service, great selection, and a cozy and romantic place to while away the hours. We want nice things and beautiful wine, but we’re not willing to pay for it or do a lap around the block to find a park to go there in the first place.

We failed the Reserve Bar because we didn’t go to the Reserve Bar. We let big industry and business and the powers that be win.

We, as a collective, let that happen.

Regardless of construction, or placement, or whatever else you might be able to blame it on, we need to support businesses who are, in fact, great businesses. 

Let’s not let it happen again hey?

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