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It’s not just your typically cool creatives that are on the collaborative spaces / co-work bandwagon. Rethink Ambassador, Jessica Shuwalow tells us that everyone from lawyers and accountants are getting on board.

For anyone living in Newcastle and specifically working in business here, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that a professional firm like Rethink Financial Group (Rethink), where I work, is now jumping on the collaborative / co-worker space bandwagon and opening up our mezzanine spaces for rent in our funky new modern office.

I can’t stop boasting how lucky are we to live in such an innovative city that’s brought us Newcastle Live!, Smart Future Cities event, Renew Newcastle, DiG Festival, The Hunter Collective, Passionate People With Purpose and the Revitalising of Newcastle to name a few. It’s almost impossible to live or do business here and not be infected by this proactive and creative vibe.

We, Rethink Financial Group, operate in what most people would assume to be extremely traditional industries, such as law, accounting, financial planning and personal development coaching. But we strongly carry the Newcastle bug and like many other businesses here we can’t stop the contagion. Instead of searching for a cure we’re seeking to further contaminate and we are recruiting external people and businesses to join us in our very newly refurbished offices.

Our new office was completely refitted early this year and in addition to putting a piece of our heart and soul into the building, we’ve included some pretty awesome things like their own coffee shop Recharge Espresso, breakout areas, a funky cafe space decked out with park benches and fake grass, daily meditation, lunch-time personal training sessions, a Dreamcatcher who works with all new clients to coach them on their journey to their most magnificent life and client meeting rooms where you can unleash your artistic side and draw to your heart’s content all over the walls.

We currently have a minimum of four individual office spaces located on their mezzanine that they’re looking to fill either to individuals or a small business.  The only catch is, you have to embrace the Rethink family, their crazy way of life and not be involved in anything unethical.

To learn more about these all-inclusive offices in Rethink’s funky collaborative space, visit their website.

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