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NEW TUNES: Newcastle’s Bree Rusev is back with another gorgeous track

Hot on the heels of her stunning duo of 2020 singles in Coastline and Drift, prodigious Newcastle songwriter Bree Rusev is back with another stellar indie-folk earworm.

Much like the two singles before it, Fade Away is a beautifully lilting, summery folk number underpinned by mellow percussion and a subtle piano line, while Bree’s fragile chanteuse vocal and beyond-her-years lyrical maturity provide the sonic icing on a very moreish cake.

Listening to the track, you can’t help but be enveloped by a sense of rosy nostalgia borne out of Bree’s evocative lyrics.

The end result, produced again by Novocastrian sound wizard Gareth Hudson, comes off feeling much more like a hug from an old friend than any sonic revisionism.

“When writing the track it was sort of based around the concept of realising everything in life comes and goes and everything takes time. It’s about saying that it’s okay to see how it all unfolds,” Bree told Newcastle Live.

“In the song, there’s a line that I wrote that goes: ‘time it heals all the things that got in our way,’ which I actually wrote around two years ago but, in the last year, I’ve kind of realised that it’s become more and more relevant with what’s going on in the world.”

With her previous two singles, Coastline and Drift both being picked up by Triple J’s Roots N All show and clocking up an impressive 30,000-plus Spotify streams collectively, it seems that the 17-year-old songwriter is on the right track with her brand of breezy Antipodean folk.

And for now, Bree is just keen to focus on continuing that trajectory and getting in front of as many faces as possible.

“It’s been good recently I’ve had quite a few gigs locally and it’s just been really nice to see everyone out and about again,” Bree said.

“But I would really like to release an EP at some point – I havent started recording one yet but I am recording another single soon so, who knows? It may turn into an EP, I’ll just have to wait and see.

Fade Away is available to stream and download now. Head here to keep up-to-date with all things Bree Rusev.