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Newcastle Walking Tour: Your Breakfast in Stages

Whoever said breakfast is the most important meal of the day was definitely on to something. But, they missed out on one very important detail. The fact thta breakfast doesn’t have to be just one meal. It can be many (many) meals. In fact, you can spend the whole morning chowing down on breakfast and make a half a day out of it which is exactly what you can do with this awesome Breakfast in Stages walking tour of Newcastle.

Stage one – coffee

Because you’re obviously going to have to start your journey pretty early in the morning (to fit as many places in as possible duh) first things first. Coffee. Personally, I would start on Bull Street at Welsh Blacks when they open at 7. The cold brew is amazing, but since it’s coming into winter, why not try out some of their single origin blends? Don’t forget to ask one of the amazing baristas about the top notes. The descriptions just keep getting better and better.

Stage two – more coffee

Obviously. As if this wasn’t going to be an option. Grab your keep cup and head down to Darby Street, stopping first and foremost at Core Espresso. Why not try a schnack of their (in)famous vegemite on toast? Hey it put Newcastle on the map for a little while so who are we to complain

Something Sweet

I know you’re probably meant to save dessert for last, but it’s breakfast time and there are no rules! You do you after all, so why not head to the Autumn Rooms (just down the way from Core Espresso this is a walking tour after all) and share some waffles with a friend. Or… say you’re sharing some waffles with a friend and just eat them all by yourself.

Optional Stop for the die hards – Smoothie

I always over estimate my stomach when it comes to breakfast time. I just want one of everything and I kind of want it all at once and in this instance, what I want is a monkey junkie smoothie from the Three Monkeys. Duh. And you’ve got the whole of Darby Street to browse before your next stop, so plenty of time for your tummy to settle.

The O.G of breakfasts – The Embassy Cafe

In the age of smashed avo, I have to say, some days nothing beats a solid plate of bacon and eggs (and in this case chips as well). The Embassy cafe is one of the longest running establishments in Newcastle and they know their breakfast food. And at 8 buck, man who can beat that!

More coffee and a take home snack

If your heart isn’t doing that thing where it feels like it’s jumping out of your chest, that can only mean one thing. More coffee. But, you’re going to want to walk off some of that hectic breakfast you just made a home for in your belly, so why not head down to the Press Book House on Hunter Street? They do nitro coffee, which is a lot lighter on your stomach and it tastes AMAZING. Oh and whilst you’re there, why not grab a book and a toastie to go? Winning.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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