Oversubscribed's Laura Jackel and Alana Nixon. Pictures: Bec Essery Branding Photographers.
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A TON OF CHAT: 100 episodes in and Oversubscribed is still going strong

For most of us, filling 100 minutes with engaging, thought provoking content would prove a Herculean task peppered with many ‘ums’, ‘likes’, and ‘y’knows’.

Not so for Novocastrians Alana Nixon and Laura Jackel, whose popular Oversubscribed podcast recently hit the auspicious 100-episode mark.

“We are really happy to reach that 100 episode milestone, and the two of us were quite surprised to be honest,” Alana told Newcastle Live.

The breezy, conversatioonal-style podcast, which began life back in. 2019, covers news, pop culture as well as any and all issues that affect it’s female 40+ demographic.

For example, the chatty duo kicked off the podcasts seventh season with a riff on ‘half-arsed parenting’ and Alana said that when it comes to talk fodder, the secret is always to keep the antenna up.

“We really have the antennas up all the time,” Alana said.

“Mutual friends always see us tagging each other on Facebook about articles or comments we see come up and we probably send each other about 100 text messages a week when we find something online, social media or TV to chat about.”

Alana added that the ever-increasing speed of the modern news cycle, and perasiveness of social media in the culture, was a good problem to have for a podcaster.

“As the world has really changed these past two years since we began, there’s always been something to talk about,” she said.

“Obviously there’s been COVID, but also change in leaders around the world, celebrities doing crazy things on social media – there’s never any shortage of topics.”

Alana and Laura’s brand of chat is certainly resonating, with Oversubscribed recently announcing a partnership with Charlestown Square.

“We are so excited to partner with Charlestown Sqare. Laura and I love to shop and we love go out for a drink, so it is really the place for us,” Alana laughed.

“Were excited to bring more content from them and some special offers for our listeners, too.”

With audience numbers increasing and things like the Newcastle Podcast Festival kicking off in 2020, Alana said podcasting is being viewed, more and more, as a preferable way to be informed – particularly in a world of sound bytes and 280 characters.

“People are starting to realise that this is a medium that isn’t going away,” Alana said.

“For those of us who like to go deep on a topic or issue, a podcast can be the best vehicle for that because you can listen while doing other things but you’re learning at the same time.”

Oversubscribed is available on your favourite podcast app. Head here for more information.

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