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Newcastle Is A Classist Society, Didn’t You Know?: The Myth Of the Great Newy Divide

You know the one thing you can rely on when thinking about today’s media? Is that some entitled old white dude will resurface to remind us all of our individual place in the world. A place that is far (far) beneath him and it’s about time we were reminded that we apparently live in a classist society. See, an article written in 2008 has begun to resurface or more accurately been used to fill the ever-growing gap in the mainstream media market. I guess the journalist thought he found the perfect way to toe the line of controversy, insight debate, and get people just that little bit fired up and clicking. Hell, that’s pretty much my entire job description but, it’s never at the expense of a group of people with the intent of highlighting a divide for the sake of highlighting a divide. Newcastle is a diverse place, and in 2018, what we need now more than ever, is a united front as we face them all head on. 

Apparently, according to the author, there’s this so-called ridge that divides us all. Mullets and rat tails to one side, the rest on the other. I’ve been a Novocastrian for 22 years and I’ve never heard of such a ridge, sounds super fake, classist and just a little bullshit if you ask me.

The fact that this article in particular, was chosen to be thrown back into the mix of the World Wide Web in 2018 is a confusing one, as the Newcastle of 2018 is a pretty turbulent place. Lots of changes, lots of subgroups, a real clashing of the new and the old. But since when is the best way to combat such a turbulent time community wise, to throw some personal elitist bullshit to the wind and place one group of people above the other. Good job pal proud of you.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a bit of a town snob, but that’s purely because I choose to live by the beach, not because I place myself above those who call the West or suburbia home, because that, of course, would make me an elitist asshole with no scope or perspective whatsoever.

It’s not even a tongue in cheek piece which eventually celebrates the overall diversity and range of wonderful Novocastrians who make up this town, eventually revealing that the author himself calls the Western Suburbs home. No, it’s a straight out slander piece giving the writer the chance to use words like “fat women” and “even fatter women,” aw how can I be an entitled bigot like you one day? Apparently, according to his gospel of course, the West (also side note where is it  exactly you are referring to  because you’re a little vague on that front) is home to a whole bunch of miners with nothing better to do than pierce their toddler’s ears. FYI kid, Newcastle is a mining town.

Sure sure, the man tried to bury his real agenda by spinning a yarn about the apparent origin of the word Newy. (Side note, its N-E-W-Y not N-E-W-I-E). Apparently, he was so bewildered that anyone who could even think about referring to Newcastle as anything but Newcastle must, of course, be a lower class citizen with a mullet. Get over yourself mate. And sure, the article was published in 08 and maybe you’ve moved on since then and maybe you even regret writing such things in the first place. Maybe someone in your family just purchased a house in the burbs because they didn’t buy their first home when housing prices were around 100 bucks for a 7 story mansion on the beach. But more likely than not, you gave the article a sneaky share on your personal page just to hammer the point home 10 years on.

So, from one writer to another. Controversy is one thing, but elitist bullshit is another, and you sir, are a collection of things even I can’t put in writing.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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