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Newcastle has plenty of songs

There was a lot of talk online yesterday about the lack of a song for Newcastle… But we’re calling bullshit.

The problem, as we see it, is not a lack of songs to call our own, but an abundance.

In fact, there are so many songs about Newcastle that we use different ones to define specific Newcastle moments.

When our footy team wins a grand final Better by The Screaming Jets usually gets pulled out, or the Newcastle Knights song by Morgan Evans…. Take your pick. We’ve got an abundance, and in this case either one works.

If we’re getting together with the lads for a bit of a high school reunion, Daniel Arvidson’s Newcastle Song is the perfect fit.

When you’re driving around Newy with ya Grandad and he’s telling you about all the mischief he got up to “back in the day” you can wack on a bit of Bob Hudson’s The Newcastle Song, because…. I’ll never, never let a chance go by.

If we need a good dose of history there’s the 2018 track from Steel City Sue called Boom Town or Bob Corbett‘s song The Lambton Lights.

We’ve got songs for fresh starts (On a Newcastle Morning by Sue Carson), not taking ourselves too seriously (Newcastle, This Place is Pretty Good by RobComRobCom) and, thanks to Cold Chisel, we’ve even got a song about the closing of an iconic pub.

If a bulk carrier runs ashore at Nobby’s again we can all sing along to The Basha Polka by The Porkers. And while we’re talking about The Porkers how can we forget the song they gave us to commemorate one of the most defining moments as a city – Earthquakin‘.

And if we want something truly contemporary what about the Raave Tapes song k hi. It was released only a couple of weeks ago and references The Seven Seas in Carrington, being stuck in Stockton (we’ve all been there) and missing someone who’s gone overseas – How more Newcastle do you want?

And while this list is just a cursory look at the abundance of musical tributes to our amazing city it goes to show we’re not lacking when it comes to songs about Newcastle. And (insert obvious plug) you can listen to them on the reg by tuning into our live stream which is pumping out homegrown tunes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.