NEWCASTLE FOR YOUR HOROSCOPE: Gemini, Pisces and Capricorn

Have you been hanging out for your star sign to be included? Of course you have! Although one Newcastle resident, a Scorpio, made the comment that we were stereotyping the star signs and if anything sums up a Scorpio better than that well I’ll eat my hat, or something. But without further ado Here is the Gemini, Pisces and Capricorn.


Oh Pisces you wonderful little dreamer. You love all things culture and art and music and lucky for you, you live in Newcastle. Why not attend one of Newcastle’s exclusive poetry events (think Cuplet or Heart Open or even Word Hurl). You could spend a day exploring one of our many galleries. The quirkier the better so you’re obviously looking to head to the Lockup at some point. You’re also super-duper giving (aw bless) so why not head out the RSPCA at Rutherford (yes it’s a drive but you don’t mind) and pat some puppers who need it most!


Capricorns. My boss like friends. You love being large and in charge and when planning your day, you don’t really mind (as long as you’re at the helm). You’re also charming and enjoy the finer things in life so why not spoil yourself. Endota day spa anyone? Some may call you all work and no play but that’s not necessarily true, although maybe it might be nice to work in some volunteering or light work when you’re on your journey about town. A beach clean-up might be a good idea or since you love fighting for a cause, or why not find a protest you can join in with? Make sure you take some time out though, and if it really is the finer things you’re after, why not head to Supper Lane or The Koutetsu or Babylon? So many choices, so little time!


Gemini aka the collector of cool amirite? You’re all about what’s hip hop and happening and thankfully there are plenty of spots around town tailored just for you. Why not head to the Falcon? Since it just so happens to be the hottest venue in town. You’re also endlessly curious, and always on the lookout for something to explore. Why not visit the Newcastle Museum and quench that thirst for knowledge? Or, considering your natural sporting prowess, why not head to your local park (King Edward is a fav) and launch yourself downhill on a piece of cardboard, kick the footy around, or better yet watch how the pros do it? Whatever you’re into little Gemini, there is something about town just for you.

Written by Newcastle Live

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