We all love to take a sneaky gander at horoscopes from time to time, especially in regard to our relationships, but what about the relationship we have with our town?

Sure some of you might think it’s a little woo-woo but I for one love a good horoscope, it’s entertaining, it’s light and being a Virgo myself I always think it says a lot about me.

Anyway, we all love to take a sneaky gander at horoscopes from time to time, especially in regard to our relationships, but what about the relationship we have with our town?

Feeling a little bored lately? Uninspired? Sick of the day to day mundane? Never dear friends, why not tap into the beyond, say helloooo to the universe, and let your stars decide what you should do this weekend. This instalment is for Aries, Taurus and Leo.


Oh Aries, you excitement hungry and adventure-ready friend. Newcastle is the place for you! You’re always looking for the next adventure, and what better place than your hometown to find it! Why not go sand boarding in Stockton or (with a little help) take up hang-gliding and take a leap from our highest point and see the city from above? Still not enough adventure for you? Why not take one of the Dark Stories Newcastle tours and really send your intellectual adrenaline to the next level. Still not enough? I dare you to walk the plank at VRXP on Watt Street and wash it all down with a cold one during Happy Hour at the Grand Hotel (and hey why not stay for Tuesday night Jazz whilst you’re at it).


You’re down to earth (hello earth sign) and finding a way to feel grounded and connected to the world around you is totally your jam. Why not wake up with the sun, take a winter dip in the baths or the bogey hole? Trust me you’ll love it. Or maybe some meditation or yoga (in the outdoors of course) and take some time to reconnect to you. Being the stubborn little bull you are, you want to do things your own way, and in your own time, (with a little splash of luxe on the side). Why not plan a solo day and treat yourself? A cocktail at a secret bar, or curling up in the corner of a cafe with a (secret) book or two?


You’re the ultimate social butterfly, so say helloooo to the bustling East End of town. Why not start your night at the Falcon, head to Supper Lane or maybe the Terrace? And for the young (or young at heart – classic Leo) say hello to King Street and Argyle House and party until you cannot party no more. Make sure you factor in the inevitable morning-after hangover though. Maybe with breakfast at the Autumn Rooms? Or go cheap, dirty and delicious at the Embassy Cafe? Whatever your jam, make sure you stay hydrated (at one of the many bars of course, it’s not a weekend without kick-ons!).

Written by Newcastle Live

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