Shop like you mean it with these Newcastle Farmer’s Market tips

February is where the real #newyearnewme test begins.

It’s all well and good to stick to your resolutions in January where everything is fresh, new and exciting but February is the ral flipping deal.

If one of your resolutions was to shop locally and eat better, check out our top 5 tips for heading to the farmer’s market this weekend.

1. Bring your own bags

And lots of them. Farmer’s markets can be hectic places and you can make the experience a whole lot more enjoyable if you’ve got the right equipment. You can spot a regular a mile off because they (unlike you prior to reading this post) have got their shit together. Take your own bag people, you’ll feel fresh and organised and you’ll have places to put all of the delicious thing you’re going to buy.

2. Prior preparation

Alone with the above, prior preparation is your key to success at the Farmer’s market. It’s very easy to get all overwhelmed and excited when you get to the farmer’s market and forget what you actually came for. You don’t need 8 trays of strawberries kid, you just don’t. Plan ahead, do some meal planning and shop to recipe.

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3. Make a day of it

Get up early, go for breakfast, leave with some bargains. It’s really what the farmer’s market is all about. It’s called culture people! P.s our red hot tip would be the arancini balls they are to flipping die for!

4. Parking

Speaking of arriving early, you most definitely should and not just for the snacks or the fun stuff. Arrive early to get a banging good park on the street so you can avoid forking out your hard earned coinage for a spot.

5. Be friendly

Look this might sound like an oddly weird suggestion but I think that the best thing about the farmer’s markets is, that you’re talking to the people who worked really hard to grow and produce the food you’re going to eat. Be nice, have a chat and just enjoy the whole experience.

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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