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Newcastle artists you NEED to check out…if you haven’t already

When it comes to regional music scenes in this wide, brown land we call Australia, there are few as fecund and eclectic as good ol’ Newcastle.

In fact, the musical game is so strong in Newcastle, that one could argue that we are spoiled for choice when it comes to top-quality original music.

To that end, we here at Newcastle Live have compiled a list of some local tunemeisters that have been floating our boat of late.

So, as one hatted music guru once said, “do yourself a favour,” and check out these great Newy acts!

Boots Porter

Boots Porter

Boots Porter’s sound revels in folk, and at times ’90s indie rock, but all wrapped up in an undeniably Antipodean package.

Armed with one of the most sweetly lilting voices currently on the local scene, Boots is one artist not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve.

His latest long player The Weather Was Fine, released earlier this year, was a two-year labour of love for Boots, but the end result, in particular, the tracks Just Like Superman and Melatonin.

Check it out here.



If honeyed, soulful vocals are your thing, you might want to do yourself a favour and check out up-and-coming singer songwriter Gymea.

Not having checked out Gymea live as yet, we at Newcastle Live are totally enamoured with her Joan As Police Woman-style vocal delivery and emotive, almost cinematic musicianship.

Her latest single Mr Spaceman is a gorgeous, emotionally charged tune inspired by the death of one of her closest friends, whose greatest wish was to go to space.

Check out Mr Spaceman and others here.

Lachlan X Morris

Lachlan X Morris

Lachlan X Morris could best be described as a ‘sonic adventurer.’ When it comes to adventurous explorations into dynamics, there are few plumbing the depths like Lachlan and his band.

Taking cues from myriad artists (this writer detects notes of Zappa, Jethro Tull modern rock and roll and even some Miles Davis-esque electric jazz,) Lachlan and co are definitely an act to watch.

Ever prolific, Lachlan recently released his third long player Mood Bullet and it’s an absolute audiophile’s delight.

Just check out the vid below for the track Stoops of Hell (recorded that RTN Studios) to see what we mean.

Also, head here for more sweet tunes.

Yev Kassem

Yev Kassem

Yev Kassem was the name of the most officious soup schlepper in New York in the now-iconic Seinfeld episode.

However, you won’t find any “Soup Naziness” from his Newcastle namesake, which is effectively a side project for dave frontman Noah Church.

Yev Kassem released a gorgeously lo-fi four-track EP, Kitchen Soundz, earlier this year and its beautiful balladry is the perfect counterpoint to the high-energy rock of dave.

Want more Yev Kassem? Well, head here.

Trashed Again

Trashed Again

If singalong street punk is your thing, then this raucous bunch of blokes should be right up your alley.

Taking stylistic cues from the UK punk of the 1970s (think mohawks and studded jackets), Trashed Again offer-up a melodic and Rancid-esque sound that never takes itself too seriously.

Trashed Again have been making quite the name for themselves around the traps with some high profile support slots, such as the upcoming Nick Oliveri show at the Stag and Hunter on Friday 5 July, and with legendary US punks strike Anywhere at the Hamilton Station Hotel on Friday 28 June.

Oi, oi, oi. Check ’em out here.

Milky Thred

Milky Thred

Newy whippersnappers Milky Thred are all about jangly surf rock guitars, earworm pop hooks, and foot-tapping tempos.

There is an unabashed sense of fun imbibed in Milky Thred’s musical make-up evidenced by their latest single Get Out of My Head, the first single off their soon-to-be-released debut EP.

That palpable sense of musical frivolity also extends to the stage with this three-piece ripping through their summery surf set with gusto.

Sadly, bass player Bronte recently announced her departure from the band, so here’s hoping the fun continues for some time to come yet.

Check them out here.

Written by Newcastle Live

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