NEW TUNES: The Med Heads’ mission ain’t no Mystery

The Med Heads performing at Hiss & Crackle Records.

Newcastle musical adventurists The Med Heads don’t mind plumbing the depths of sonic possibilities to bring you the sounds of NOW!

To that end, these self-styled psychonauts from the future have set themselves the ambitious task of releasing seven slabs – each one recorded in a particular key.

The band has already conquered they keys of C, E and B with the EPs Adam Gilligan’s How to Make DMT DVD on VHS in C, ECCO (Direct Broadcast) and Blah Bwah Speedfast respectively.

Now these tuneful trailblazers have set their sights on the key of A with their latest single Mystery.

The tune is a frenetic, post-punk stop-start affair that recalls the likes of Devo, the Minutemen and frontman Simba Mönröe told Newcastle Live that the song had been with the band for a while.

“Yeah it’s been around for a little while now and we recorded it with Geoff Mullard [RTN Studios] who did a great job getting the sound we were after – he’s really good at pulling a sound at the start rather than trying to tweak it at the end.”

The band are planning to release a for song EP in the key of A soon, but the question remains…what happens when they ave conquered all the keys?

“Well, these are all major keys, so after they’re done we’re keen to start on the minors then the sharps and then the flats,” bass player Sheena Dali said.

Yes, yes, but what about AFTER the minors, sharps and flats?

“We’ll just have to invent new notes,” Sheena answered.

Wel, quite!

Written by Newcastle Live

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