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NEW TUNES: Amy Vee is back with yet another stunner in Forget Me

There’s no doubt that it has been pretty much an all-killer-no-filler 12 months or so for Newcastle songwriter Amy Vee.

Her eclectic, lush and adventurous sophomore album Same Skin quite rightly pricked up quite a few ears around the traps for its heart-on-sleeve honestly and subtle-yet-masterful instrumentation.

That vibe continued with Amy’s “covidtime” track The Undertow which saw her play all instruments and take on production and engineering duties.

Well this upward trajectory is continuing in spades with Amy’s latest single Forget Me , lifted. from Same Skin.

Check out Amy Vee’s Forget Me below

Forget Me is an introspective track that continues in a similar less-is-more vein as the album.

The sparseness of the instrumentation creates a definite sense of intimacy and recalls, for this writer at least, the soulful work of Joan Wasser (Joan As Policewoman) and lyrical sensibilities of Joanna Newsom.

In other words, it’s another stunner and we can’t wait to see what Amy comes up with next!

Forget Me is available to stream and download now.