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NETFLIX & CONNECT: Watch shows with your mates, without being with your mates

When it’s pretty well illegal to hang out with your mates, we turn to technology to fill the gap. And the people behind the Netflix Party plugin want to help you watch reruns of The Big Bang with your mates, without being with your mates.

Netflix Party is a plugin for the Chrome internet browser that lets you watch Netflix with your friends online. 

The plugin is totally free, but you can support the developers via donation or by joining their Patreon community. You and your mates will also need to be Netflix subscribers.

When you install the plugin, you can load up your favourite show, or movie and hit the Netflix Party button then send your mates the invite code. The plugin will synchronise the video playback so you’re all watching the same thing at the same time. There’s even a site bar that lets you chat with everyone watching.

You can personalise your Netflix party session by selecting individual icons for all your mates, give everyone nicknames and you can even upload screenshots, post emojis and GIFs. It makes these solo couch sessions a little more fun and it’s a great way to connect with your friends without having to put pants on for a Zoom call.

You can find full instructions and a link to install the plugin below.


STEP ONE: Install The Netflix Party plugin

Load up your Google Chrome browser and head to the Netflix Party website. Once you’re there you can click on the install button and follow the prompts from the Chrome Web Store. It’s totally free!

STEP TWO: Start watching a show on Netflix

Go to Netflix’s website. Click on a show you want to watch with your mates and then press pause.

STEP THREE: Click on the Netflix Party plugin icon

Once the plugin is installed you’ll see a red NP icon (next to the address bar on Chrome). Click on it and start a party. When you click on the icon again, it will give you a link you can share with your mates.

NOTE: If you want to join a party, make sure you’re already logged in to Netflix and then click on the link your mate sends you. You’ll be loaded in to the party and you’ll be able to see the chat window on the right hand side of the video you’re watching.

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