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NEGRONI NOW: The cocktail recipe we all need in our lockdown lives

It’s Negroni week and while the Italian cocktail, might be over1 00 years old, it still sits proudly on most bar menus around the world. But since we’re all stuck at home, we’ll need to mix one ourselves.

If you’ve never tried one you should expect a bitter and dry ride, but it’s very tasty and perfect to drink when the sun is shining down.

#PROTIP: The gin you select can really make or break yourNegroni. If you’re listening to the experts, a Juniper heavy dry gin will work best because it stands up to the herbal notes of the vermouth and the bitter flavours of Campari.

Negroni Cocktail Recipe

This is a cocktail that’s built over ice and stirred… Not shaken. And while you won’t need any fancy bar equipment to pull it off, taking your time to follow all the steps below will ensure you land yourself a cocktail to rival any you’ll get at your favourite cocktail bar.


  • 30mL Gin
  • 30mL Campari
  • 30mL Rosso Vermouth
  • Orange peel
  • Ice


ONE: Drop a few ice cubes into your best glassware. Trust us, this is a cocktail that’s best enjoyed in a beautiful glass so pull out those crystal whiskey glasses you’ve got stored in the back of your cupboard and put them to good use.

TWO: Pour in 30mLs of Gin, Campari and Rosso Vermouth and give the whole thing a gentle stir to chill the drink and make sure everything is combined.

THREE: Pop in a nice wide piece of orange peel. Don’t skip this step – It really does take the whole thing up a notch. It’s subtle, but you’ll miss it if it’s not there.

Want to leave your cocktail making to the experts?

The mix masters at Newcastle tiki bar, Blue Kahunas are punching out these little numbers for Negroni Week 2021.

You can pick one, or two (who’s counting), this weekend at their Hunter Street Mall location.