MUSOS CORNER SALE: Top tips for grabbing those “May The Fourth” bargains

Tomorrow morning, young padawans will be lining up along National Park street in Newcastle with hopes of grabbing the ultimate bargain at the famous Musos Corner May The Fourth sale.

It’s a tradition local musicians have been observing for many years now and there’s an air of expectation in the community leading up to the big day.

Whether you’re a Jedi in training, a seasoned Knight or a Master in the art, here you’ll find some tips and tricks for making the most out of the big day.

Don’t Camp Out

This year, Musos are doing things a little differently (thanks Covid). While this sale, unlike last years, will be held in-store rather than online, due to the health risk no one is allowed to camp or sleep on Musos Corner property prior to the sale.

The lineup begins at six

Because there’s no camping this year, the Musos team are asking bargain hunters not to line up before 6:00 am. So do the right thing, and don’t be that person who thinks the rule doesn’t apply to them.

Go with a plan

The Musos Corner website has a page dedicated to the May The Fourth sale and a Facebook group with information (and memes) about the big event. Check the website to find out what’s on offer, and zone in on the item you want the most. But…

Have a backup plan

We get it, it sucks to line up all morning only to find that the one thing you want has been sold already. But that’s where a backup plan comes in handy. Have your dream bargain in mind, but check out some other items you might want to pick up in case that $400 Fender is already sold.

Take (or make) a mate

With only a limited number of people allowed inside the shop at any one time, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending a fair bit of time standing around (1.5 meters apart). So our tip is to take, or make, a mate. Have a few laughs, or get to know the people around you. You’re lining up with other musicians. Who knows, you just might meet your next bandmate in the queue.

May The Fourth Sale Items

Check out just some of the tasty tasty bargains Musos Corner are displaying on their website for the massive May The Fourth sale.

And, if past years are to go by, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are bound to be other sale items that are not listed on the website that you can check out once you’re in the store.

The 2021 May The Fourth Sale starts 10:00am and runs until 7:00pm on Tuesday 4 May.


1 National Park Street
Newcastle West NSW 2302