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What the Music You (really) Love Says About You

I had a moment this morning, of utmost pure terror. Now I’m not one for technology and man I’d actually write on a typewriter if my editor would let me because to be honest, I just can’t wrap my head around a lot of the weird and wonderful things going on in the universe at the moment. The internet and technology in general is literally the one thing made by humans, that we have no idea how to control. This morning, I was perusing Spotify, as I tend to do, looking for inspiration. I write a lot, and as a music lover, nothing inspires me more than a great song, an incredible album, or other artists and creatives pushing boundaries in their work.

[x_pullquote type=”left”]The internet and technology in general is literally the one thing made by humans, that we have no idea how to control.[/x_pullquote]I can be a hard person to read the majority of the time. I usually keep my Pokemon cards tucked firmly in my back pocket and only really show my hand to one or two people. I’m weird and I’m ok with that, I also make things up for a living and I’m ok with that too, it’s just a little harder for someone to understand, but if you really want to get to know me, look at the music I listen to. Something I realised, thanks to the wonders of Spotify you actually can.

In the interest of being transparent, here is my unfiltered, unedited queue from this morning. I usually start my morning by picking a selection of songs and work until that block is finished. Procrastination 101 really. I listen to different things for different reasons. And I think I captured a pretty good snapshot of all of the things running around in my brain at the moment.

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Back to my stalking perusing habits. Give it a crack right now, if you happen to be sitting in front of a computer of course and go through what your mates have been listening to. You just never know what you might find. Your mate who dragged you to each and every punk gig he could think of, was churning out some Zac Brown band this morning, your other mate who sends you every soulful folk song you can think of, is blasting Kendrick Lamar like nobody business, and at least three of my friends have had Biebs on rotation as of late. Now I also have a lot of friends in the music business and a vast majority of them are the most incredible taste makers floating about in the industry, so it’s always nice to track what is running through their headphones on their morning commute. But the hopeless romantic in me, has now made it about so much more than that.[x_pullquote type=”right”]It’s not always necessarily about who we are, that our music tastes reveal, but what’s going on in our lives right this very moment.[/x_pullquote]

What is it really, about the music we listen to, that reveals so much? Now that I think about it, it’s not always necessarily about who we are, that our music tastes reveal, but what’s going on in our lives right this very moment. Are you in love? Going through a breakup? Trying to motivate yourself to take that next leap? Trying to expand and change your music taste? Nostalgic and missing home or just trying to find that perfect playlist, for that perfect night. If you can pick up what I’m throwing down.

[x_pullquote type=”left”]We’re usually listening alone, and literally soundtracking our entire day.[/x_pullquote]In a world where Instagram is getting your good side, and Facebook is (constantly) telling your ex girlfriend the events your attending, what of our private practices? Personally I think listening to music is a really subconscious thing. We’re usually listening alone, and literally soundtracking our entire day. It takes no time at all to whip up a playlist to shape, mould and comfort our minds to the way we feel right now. And these tastes and feelings change as the day goes through, that’s what makes music and the artistry attached to that so god darn wonderful because it becomes ours. We attach our own meaning and sense of importance to the songs we listen to. They may have been written for a specific purpose so incredibly unrelated to what we are going through, but they offer us something and that’s what’s important at the end of the day.

I look for music that helps me understand the things I’m feeling and untangle the chaos I usually find myself wrapped in. It’s like we have these pockets of guilty pleasures hidden in our Spotify accounts, so I ask; What would you do, if you could feel like you weren’t being seen. Which version of yourself are you trying to portray today? What band do you love that you wouldn’t even dream of telling your best friend? And why do you listen, to the music you do?

Written by Laura Kebby

I write words about talented people doing talented things, and translate chatter by putting pen to paper.

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