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MOVIE REVIEW: The Disaster Artist

About 15 years ago a really, really bad movie was made. Simply titled The Room, it was so bad it has gained cult like status because that’s the way the world works sometimes. Now, with James Franco’s account of the making of The Room garnering big movie awards attention, including recent SAG and Golden Globe nominations, that cult status has gone mainstream.

I suppose that begs the question, is it still considered a cult movie if it’s gone mainstream?

But I digress ….

The Room is about a man named Jonny whose girlfriend Lisa starts an affair with his best friend Mark. It’s one of those produced by, starring in and directed by blah blah blah kinda deals. The script is hideous, the story is nonsensical, the acting is third rate and the directing is, shall we say, misguided.

And yet, 15 years later, the movie is still selling out midnight screenings and the months surrounding the movie’s production has been made into a truly inspired piece of cinema in The Disaster Artist. What we see is a movie about the making of a movie.

James Franco not only directs but takes on the role of Tommy, just as the original Tommy did. His brother Dave Franco, plays the part of Greg, Tommy’s best friend and love rival. With a support cast of the usual suspects, including Seth Rogan and Alison Brie, there is also the gloriously divine Ms Jacki Weaver, Josh Hutcherson and Zac Efron.

After a tumultuous and vaguely creepy start, you are soon caught up in the mystery and drama of Tommy Wiseau and those he chooses to surround him. When he suggests to the much younger Greg that they head to Hollywood to chase their acting dreams, you almost fear for the younger man’s wellbeing. But surprisingly, it’s all legit and head to Hollywood they do.

This is when the real fun stuff begins and by the end of the movie you too will be clutching your heart as you throw your head back and scream “You are tearing me apart, Lisa! “

The Disaster Artist is a must see movie and one of the year’s finest. Why it wasn’t shown on more screens, I will never know.

Oh hi there billion dollar man Thor *rolls eyes*

And before you cry foul at me, yes I do love me some Thor and some big action movie BUT ….if you follow my reviews, you also realise it truly does pain me when amazing movies such as this are paid little to no attention because they won’t drag in billions of dollars due to the continued dumbing down of the movie industry.

Now that I have shaken my fists angrily at the sky ….

I am not sure if this is still showing locally but if it is, please don’t miss it. And I mean that. Oh and you can watch The Room on You Tube, if you dare.

5 stars

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