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MOVIE REVIEW: Swinging Safari

This movie started brilliantly. We howled with laughter as we were taken back to our own childhoods in the Aussie beach suburbs.

The décor, the clothes, the bad parenting.

Handling dangerous chemicals without parental supervision, eating Perkins paste, cracker night.

We laughed and laughed until we almost cried. And then something changed. The movie got a little serious and we thought yeah okay…. guess we can’t laugh for 90 solid minutes.

But then it took an even darker turn and we weren’t laughing anymore. I was a little unnerving, truth be told. I checked in with my friend after the movie and she felt the same, possibly not as strong as I did but when it changed from being a fun, satirical look at Australia in the 1970’s, the movie lost its way completely.

As always, support your local movie industry, if only to come back here and hate on me because I got it all wrong. Or maybe give this one a miss and wait for it to comes out on BluRay

Who is in it: Asher Keddie, Guy Pearce, Radha Mitchell, Julian McMahon, Kylie Minogue, Jack Thompson, Jeremy Sims, Atticus Robb, Darcey Wilson

What is it: set in 1970’s middle-class suburbia, it is the story of the summer a whale beached itself in a small coastal town. It is also the summer the parents decided to give swinging with the neighbours a go, the kids all ran amok as the local kid with his camera encouraged them to try Evil Knievel type stunts for his movies, the older teenagers explored their sexuality, coon cheese on toothpicks was the height of sophistication and there was enough polyester to burn the world to ashes if anyone stood too close to an open flame.

Why should I watch it: *takes a deep breath as you all know it pains me to speak negatively of Aussie movies*

2 stars

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Running Time : 97 minutes
Release Date : In cinemas now

Written by Sue Ellen

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