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Movie Review: Snatched

*takes a deep breath*

Where to begin?

Emily (Schumer) is a self-absorbed, unemployed, 30 something woman who, after being unceremoniously dumped by her muso boyfriend, must find someone to go with her on an refundable holiday to Ecuador. Seemingly not a very nice person, she finds herself with no option than to ask her uptight, divorced, verging on cat lady mother Linda (Hawn) to go with her.

When our adorably mismatched but perfect mother/daughter duo duo arrive in Ecuador, they run into former Special Ops agents Ruth (Sykes) and Barb (Cusack) who caution them to be on the lookout for bad guys. It seems 1 in 4 people are kidnapped in the country. A dodgy statistic I’m sure but it succinctly sets up the movie. Later that day, Emily meets the handsome James (Bateman) and she falls instantly under his spell. Soon after, Emily and Linda are …. yeah you got it.


But hang on, let’s go back a few sentences. Did I just say we have 4 of the funniest actresses alive in the same movie? Schumer, Hawn, Sykes and Cusack (and for what it’s worth, I adore Cusack and she is highly, highly under-rated as an actress). Yep the gang’s all here.

Woohoo! This should be AH-MAZING!

Should be. Thus the sighing at the beginning of my review.

What follows is an absolute farce of a movie. Schumer is clearly relying on her surprise Trainwreck shtick to carry her through but sadly, she falls short in too many ways to even list. The movie is not funny. It’s not a little bit funny or funny in places. It is just not funny. Not only is it not funny, the script is boring. The characters just trudge along from one ridiculous scene to another.

Yep I am devastated too.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Sykes and Cusack are hilarious but completely under-used in this movie and with expanded roles, they may have saved it from itself.

However, Goldie is wonderful. Of course she is. She is warm, loving and utterly believable as an uptight divorcee and as Schumer’s mother. The pair share a genuine connection, especially towards the end and this, along with Sykes and Cusack, are the only decent things about this movie.

I don’t know what went wrong and I don’t particularly care. Don’t waste your money. Don’t even wait for the BluRay. Wait for free to air.

2 ½ stars.

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Director : James Levine

Starring : Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes, Joan Cusack, Tom Bateman, Chris Meloni

Running Time : 90 minutes

Release Date :  In Cinemas Now

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