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MOVIE REVIEW: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Running Time :  122 minutes

Release Date :  In cinemas now

Who is in it : John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P. Henson, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch

What is it: It’s been 6 years since Wreck It Ralph (Reilly) finally came to terms with being the good Bad Guy. Ralph and his best friend Vanellope (Silverman) spend their days in their respective games at Litwak’s arcade and their nights hanging out and being best buds.

When Vanellope tells Ralph she is bored with the same old races and the same old tracks in her game, Sugar Rush, he builds her a new race track. But things don’t go as planned.

While playing the game, one of the kids breaks the racing wheel and Mr Litwak decides it is not worth the money to replace and unplugs Sugar Rush for good. Suddenly, Vanellope and all the other game characters are homeless.

Ralph, being the good bad guy that he is, decides he is going to find that replacement wheel, then the game will be turned back on and Vanellope will be a racer once again!

So the pair embark on the adventure of a lifetime and head to the internet

Why should I watch it: Disney being the powerhouse studio that it is, seems to have managed to secure the rights to use (or quite possibly owns) every major company, logo or app that currently exists on the Internet. Once Ralph and Vanellope hit the internet, no words are needed as they weave their way through some of the most recognisable logos on the planet.

(The more cynical among us may wonder if this is simply baby’s first indoctrination into the world of rampant capitalist consumerism but …….. that’s just the cynics *coughs*)

You will chuckle as Vanellope and Ralph approach KnowsMore and he continually tries to predict what they will ask, apologising with a sigh that his autofill is a touch aggressive today.

And you will shake your head, as they move towards their destination and the spammers and pop ups keep appearing out of nowhere, no matter how many times Ralph says no.

Vanellope’s encounters with the Disney Princesses are a true highlight as Disney pokes fun at itself and once again, Gal Gadot, as the very cool driver Shank, establishes herself as a true role model for girls everywhere.

I would at this point like to suggest that Vanellope is also a role model for little girls everywhere because, although she doesn’t want to hurt the feelings of her best friend, she does find and use her voice throughout the movie, as she finally discovers what it is that she really wants from her life.

The movie is cute as a button and genuinely funny in places but its beating heart is the friendship between Ralph and Vanellope and how best friends can want and need different things but they can still support one another and, most importantly, remain best friends.

I saw this movie with a couple of borrowed 10 year old kids (I suspect their mums were thrilled to get them out from under their feet for a few hours before Christmas) and they loved the movie. They understood that friendship sometimes means letting friends do what they want to do, not just what you want to do.

And they would be 100% correct.

4 stars


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