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MOVIE REVIEW: Isn’t it Romantic

Natalie (Wilson) is an architect at a New York city design firm but is treated more like the office junior, constantly being asked to fetch coffee or perform menial tasks. She lives alone in a small apartment with her dog and is disenchanted with life and love. She is so disenchanted, she even hates romantic comedy movies clutches pearls in mock horror

One day, she is mugged, knocks herself out and wakes up to find she is trapped in her worst nightmare…..a romantic comedy. Natalie’s world is now bright, bubbly and beautiful. She is bewildered and bemused!

She arrives home to find her apartment is now the perfect New York space and even her dog has had a makeover that would instantly garner him an Insta following of at least 100,000.

Enter Blake (Hemsworth), who proceeds to fall madly in love with Natalie and woos her in the most rom-comy* of ways imaginable. I’m talking limos, flowers, silky words and even his phone number written on rose petals!

Throw in a gay side kick (Jones), the perfect woman from work who is her sworn mortal enemy (Gilpin), the man she doesn’t notice (Josh) and a mysteriously sexy interloper (Chopra) who could ruin it everything for everyone (although we are never quite sure how or why) and we have ourselves a full blown romantic comedy movie people.


And just to make matters worse, Natalie’s new reality is the PG version.

Why should I watch, Isn’t it Romantic

For a start, the two Aussie leads get to keep their accents. Yay! That alone was enough to make me want to watch. (I won’t mention Jennifer Saunders’ awful Aussie accent because I adore her but yeah nah)

Isn’t it Romantic is fun, funny and very clever at times. One might even suggest mildly subversive. And the best part of all is that Natalie is acutely aware this is not at all real. She questions everything and once her voiceover narration begins in earnest, you wonder if she might actually lose it.

There is a particularly funny scene with Hemsworth when he says something romantic to Natalie that simply doesn’t make sense. She challenges him and he replies with an even more nonsensical quip. This continues until he walks away, leaving Natalie bewildered and bemused. It’s a trope that plays out again and again in rom coms and, as we watch and scratch our heads, we quickly learn to accept it and move on. Even though it never did and never will make sense sighs

A rom-com skewering a rom-com may have been awful, but it’s not. The leads are charming and as good looking as their characters are supposed to be. We are even treated to a half-naked Hemsworth. Speaking of Hemsworth, is his natural voice always a little bit screechy? Maybe it was meant to sound that way. Whichever it is, it was annoying after a while.

The gay side kick is the gayest of gay gays and our femme fatale is exotic and beautiful. There is a pure pop soundtrack, clothes and handbags for days and with 2 extended choreographed dance sequences, you know you are in deep.

Wilson and Devine continue to build their on-screen, multi movie partnership with wonderful results. That Wilson and Hemsworth share limited on-screen chemistry is, I think, pivotal to the success of the movies subversive nature.

Streaming on Netflix since last Friday night, Isn’t it Romantic may not be the best rom-com ever made, but it sure is a whole lot of fun.

*May or may not be a made-up word

3 stars

Running Time: 89 minutes
Release Date
: Streaming on Netflix now
Who is in it: Rebel Wilson, Liam Hemsworth, Adam Devine, Priyanka Chopra, Betty Gilpin, Brandon Scott Jones


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